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Glass Ceilings

  1. election 2016
    Hillary Clinton Didn’t Shatter the Glass Ceiling. This Is What Broke Instead.The coalition she thought would pierce it — and faith that it will happen — are in pieces.
  2. Stop Making Dudes Named ‘John’ and ‘David’ CEOsAdd up all the women running big companies, and men named John or David still outnumber them.
  3. 25 Other Senior Government Jobs Never Held by a WomanA list in honor of Janet Yellen’s nomination.
  4. yahooligans
    Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s New CEO, Reveals She’s PregnantYahoo’s board members have no problem with that.
  5. yahooligans
    Glamorous Google Exec Marissa Mayer Is Yahoo’s New CEORemember Yahoo?