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  1. life after warming
    The Return of the Urban FirestormClimate scientist Daniel Swain explains that what happened Thursday in Colorado wasn’t a wildfire, but something potentially much scarier.
  2. life after warming
    How to Live in a Climate ‘Permanent Emergency’Death Valley temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and Canada show we’ve entered the era of climate adaption.
  3. climate change
    Biden Admin Defends Massive Trump-Era Drilling Project in AlaskaDespite pledges to cut emissions 50 percent by 2030, the administration filed a brief supporting an oil project that would produce for 30 years.
  4. life after warming
    What Climate Alarm Has Already AchievedEven as we “normalize” climate change, we’ve also normalized alarmism, with panic about warming suddenly at the very center of our politics.
  5. environment
    Trump’s Interior Dept. Reportedly Edited Documents to Say Climate Change Is GoodAn Interior official edited nine policy reports with debunked claims — fitting a larger administration pattern of undermining climate science.
  6. life after warming
    Parenting the Climate Change GenerationClimate change isn’t a reason not to have kids. Kids are a reason to fight it.
  7. the law
    How Will the Supreme Court Handle the Case of Kids Suing for Climate Action?“The right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life is fundamental to a free society,” wrote a federal judge.
  8. California’s Record-breaking Fire Isn’t the Week’s Worst Climate NewsA group of distinguished scientists warns that the threat of runaway warming may have been underestimated.
  9. The Getty Hardens Its Defenses As the Skirball Fire Continues to BurnMuseum officials are confident that the Getty Center is well-prepared for the wildfires sweeping through Southern California.
  10. climate change
    This Isn’t ‘the New Normal’ for Climate Change — That Will Be WorseThe wildfires raging in California, the hurricanes that battered the United States: they are only the beginning of what is to come.
  11. The EPA Is Preparing to Repeal Obama’s Signature Climate-Change RuleThe Clean Power Plan calls for a 32 percent reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants by 2032.
  12. The Climate May Be Changing More Slowly Than We’d ThoughtNew data suggests that if humanity gets its act together, we might still be able to cap warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.
  13. Trump’s Policies Make It Harder for Cities to Recover From Disasters Like HarveyThe White House has rolled back Obama-era rules aimed at managing flood risk, and supported budget cuts to key disaster-relief agencies.
  14. Climate-Change Study Leaked Over Fears That Trump Will Suppress ItThe extensive report, which concludes that human activity is driving climate change, is awaiting final approval by the administration.
  15. climate change
    The Uninhabitable Earth, Annotated EditionThe facts, research, and science behind the climate-change article that explored our planet’s worst-case scenarios.
  16. Scientist Michael Mann on ‘Low-Probability But Catastrophic’ Climate ScenariosAn unedited Q&A with the prominent climatologist, who took issue with New York’s latest cover story for being overly “doomist.”
  17. The Man Who Coined ‘Global Warming’ on the Worst-Case Scenario for Earth“We’re going to have to do something that we probably never dreamed we’d do.”
  18. climate change
    When Will the Planet Be Too Hot for Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You Imagine.Plague, famine, heat no human can survive. This is not science fiction but what scientists, when they’re not being cautious, fear could be our future.
  19. global warming
    Report: Trump Saying He Will Pull U.S. Out of Paris Climate DealAmerica’s exit from the agreement wouldn’t doom the 195-country pact, but it would increase the danger the world faces from global warming.
  20. select all
    Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140: To Save the City, We May Have to Drown ItKim Stanley Robinson’s newest book imagines a New York where the sea level has risen 50 feet. And it still sounds like the best city in the world.
  21. North Pole Expected to Hit Melting Point This Week, 50 Degrees Above NormalThe Arctic has been abnormally warm this fall, and it’s not slowing down.
  22. The North Pole Is Basically Hot Right NowA spike in Arctic temperatures and a record-low ice-sheet extent add to 2016’s climatic woes.
  23. weather
    Last Month Was the Hottest September Since We Started Keeping RecordsTechnically, it’s in a statistical tie with September 2014.
  24. global warming
    Will the Paris Climate Accord Really Change the World?Some are celebrating the agreement as the end of the fossil-fuel era, while others worry it’s all just empty talk.
  25. paris climate talks
    Nearly 200 Countries Reach Historic Climate Accord in ParisFor the first time ever, most of the world’s governments have now committed to reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions.
  26. We’re Living Through the Warmest Year on Record, and It Isn’t Even Close The last six months have been the warmest months on record.  
  27. talking about the weather
    New York May See Record-High Temperature Today — Take Off Your Jacket AlreadyA historically sweaty November continues.
  28. oh congress!
    Senator Refutes Climate Change by Throwing Snowball in Capitol“It’s a snowball, from outside here. So it’s very, very cold out.”
  29. talking about the weather
    2014 Was the Hottest Year EverMost of the human race experienced record-high temperatures.
  30. nature
    Why 35,000 Walruses Are Hanging Out on a BeachClimate change.
  31. friends of the environment
    Google Street View Cars Can Also Monitor All the Methane Leaks in Staten IslandStreet View vehicles do more than view streets. 
  32. the national interest
    Obama Promised to Do 4 Big Things As President. Now He’s Done Them All.It’s no longer possible to imagine that historians will look back at his presidency and conclude that not much got accomplished.
  33. very scary things
    Climate Change Still Bad, Getting WorseA new report warns that its effects are are “severe, pervasive and irreversible.”
  34. talking about the weather
    Congress Needs to Stop Holding Climate-Change Hearings in the WinterIt just makes right-wingers too happy when they’re canceled by snow.
  35. scary things
    This Weather Is What Global Warming Looks LikeHope you’re enjoying it!
  36. weather
    Rare Stretch of 100-Degree Weather in the Midwest Must Mean That Climate Change Is Definitely Real, Right?Well, now all that is settled.
  37. lights out
    New York Landmarks Shutting Out the Lights for One Hour This EveningSome Times Square spots will be without electricity.
  38. congress the new class
    The Man Who Now Runs the House Science Committee Does Not Believe in Global WarmingMeet Representative Ralph Hall, a Republican from Texas.
  39. records that aren’t worth it
    It Really Was That Hot This MonthJuly could be the hottest month in New York City history.
  40. climate change
    Gore: In Fact, Snow Is Proof of Climate ChangeFebruary was the snowiest month in New York City history!
  41. snowpocamageddon
    Global Warming to Be Disproven Once Again TomorrowIn other words, it’s snowing again.
  42. warming shmorming
    It’s Snowing Today, Therefore Climate Change Is a Myth and Al Gore Is a FraudOr maybe that makes no sense at all.
  43. things you don’t expect to hear from terrorists
    Twitter Is Having Some Fun With Osama Bin Laden TodayHis new tape warns about global warming.
  44. floods
    New York to Become a Giant Swimming Pool by 2100Time to move to the moon.
  45. pranks
    Media and Chamber of Commerce Duped by The Yes MenYes, the Chamber still opposes climate change legislation.
  46. summer in the city
    Move Aside, Hotlanta. In 2050, It’ll Be All About Hot YorkaOkay, that’s maybe not quite right. The point is: New York is getting hotter.