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  1. Mnuchin: Davos Is Not ‘a Hangout for Globalists’Coastal elites may sneer at the World Economic Forum — but real Americans love it when the global superrich fly to the Alps to hear TED Talks.
  2. Bannon on the Outside Could Be Even More DangerousWhile Bannon’s rivals in the administration will be happy to see him go, he could cause the White House immense problems as a free agent.
  3. It Looks Like H.R. McMaster Is Cleaning House at the NSCA few high-profile firings of Flynn and Bannon allies including one who wrote a bizarre memo warning against “globalists” — are out in recent weeks.
  4. Trump Says His Accusers Are Pawns in a Global Conspiracy to End U.S. SovereigntyTrump says he is only being accused of sexual assault because he stands in the way of Clinton’s plan to sell America to “international bankers.”