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  1. foreign interests
    Biden’s New Cold War Against China Could BackfireThe U.S. is now officially committed to thwarting China’s development goals. That comes with big risks.
  2. covid-19 stimulus
    The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Can Help Biden Transform PoliticsSome white working-class voters just want to see that government works for them, too. The relief bill could bring them back to the Democratic Party.
  3. the urbanist
    The Globalization of Local RadioDonga shows in Darwin, Australia, choro deep cuts in Rio, and shipping-container electronica in Brooklyn.
  4. Trump Attack on Trade Is Peril for Running MateTo all of the other hazards of being Trump’s running mate you can add alienating business supporters and donors for the rest of your career by demonizing international trade and investment agreements.
  5. early and often
    Does Trump’s Anti-Trade Gamble Make Political Sense?He seems to have gone all-in on appealing to white working-class folk, including Sanders supporters. The math doesn’t seem to be there though.
  6. early and often
    Trump Returns the Republican Party to Its 19th-Century Protectionist RootsIn a speech aimed at blue-collar workers and Bernie voters, he stomped on about 80 years of Republican support for free trade.
  7. paging jim chanos
    Richard Meier Has Been Busy Building Fancy Hotels in ChinaHe’s at work on the world’s first eight-star hotel.