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  1. screen time
    The Nightmare of AI-Powered Gmail Has ArrivedIt’ll write your emails for you and read them, too. What could go wrong?
  2. technology
    Unable to Avoid Bias, Gmail Stops Using Gender in Its Automated RepliesGmail attempted to automate the drudgery of email, and accidentally automated decades of gender discrimination in the process.
  3. tech boot camp
    There’s One Thing About the New Gmail That’s Actually GoodI wanted to hate everything about the new Gmail, but this one email feature is surprisingly helpful.
  4. select all
    Ranking New Gmail’s AI-Generated Smart(ish) RepliesThe idea, especially on a small, one-hand phone screen, is that you can tap and send using one thumb, without typing.
  5. select all
    Gmail Gets a Major Face-lift and Productivity Boost, Starting TodayIt’s the first major redesign since 2012 to the world’s most popular email service.
  6. select all
    Delete Everything! Get Google Completely Out of Your LifeHow to delete your Google account (and leave no trail).
  7. Gmail Understood My Breakup Better Than I DidHow Google built an algorithm to peer into my soul.
  8. gaffes
    Before ‘Undo Send’: 11 New Yorkers on Their Biggest Email Gaffes“I meant to let my old friend N. know that I was intending to go to Brooklyn to break up with the guy I’d been dating, whose name was also N. Sadly, that’s the N. that I emailed.”
  9. You Can Now Unsend Your GmailsTypo makers and jilted lovers, rejoice. 
  10. the internet
    Your Gmail Password Might Be on a Russian Bitcoin Forum Right NowIt’s worth checking to see. 
  11. the internet
    Yahoo E-mail Hack Could Also Affect Snobby GmailersNo one is safe!
  12. technology
    Google Boss Prefers Not to E-mailHe’s all about saving time now.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    Man Who Wrote the Book Googled Got His Gmail Hacked’New Yorker’ scribes, they’re just like us!
  14. hey jealousy
    Can You Go to Jail for Reading Your Lover’s E-mails?We will soon find out.
  15. the future is coming
    Ladies: If Facebook Asks You to Upload an I.D., Ignore ItIt’s probably a hacker.
  16. the future is coming
    Did Facebook Just Announce the End of E-mail As We Know It?Mark Zuckerberg expands his reach. Again.
  17. the future is coming
    Facebook to Destroy Gmail in 3 … 2 ... 1Facebook comes to bury Gmail, not to praise it.
  18. the future is coming
    Google Knows Which E-mails You Really Want to ReadA new Gmail feature.
  19. apologies
    Google Is Sorry for Buzzing YouThe company has apologized for a rare misstep.
  20. iran
    Iranian Government Blocks GmailThursday marks anniversary of Islamic Revolution.
  21. social networks
    Google Generates ‘Buzz’ with New ServiceYet another place to find out what your friends just ate for lunch.