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God’s Work

  1. There Will Be No Avenging Nuns at This Year’s Goldman Sachs MeetingThe S.E.C. is doing God’s work.
  2. white men with money
    The Vatican Needs a New BankJ.P. Morgan dropped them as a client.
  3. god’s work
    Fifteen-Year-Old Goddess Eyes Banking CareerFurther proof that the death of Wall Street has been highly exaggerated.
  4. god’s work
    Look Out, Poland!Goldman Sachs is opening a branch in Warsaw.
  5. god’s work
    Lloyd Blankfein Gives Away $11 Million of His Own Money and Still No One Is HappyThe Goldman Sachs CEO cannot catch a break.
  6. the work of the gods
    Vikram Pandit Is Doing Krishna’s WorkThe Citigroup CEO says his “Eastern upbringing” is helping him lead the bank.