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God Bless Youtube

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    Google Not in the Business of Censoring People Who Pee on Their PassportsThe company has updated its transparency report, including a special entry from Canada.
  2. god bless youtube
    From the Ad Wizard Who Brought Us Demon Sheep Comes Barbara Boxer’s Giant Floating HeadIt’s not s weird as Demon Sheep, but it’s still pretty damn weird.
  3. god bless youtube
    Senator Mike Enzi Is Physically Incapable of Saying ‘Blagojevich’And. It. Is. Hilarious.
  4. god bless youtube
    The Five Most Awesome Questions Submitted to Obama for Today’s YouTube Q&AWhen Internet people are allowed to ask Obama questions, magic happens.
  5. god bless youtube
    Gail Huff’s Curious Hand Is Making Life Difficult for Digney FignusThe musician has received a lot of attention over the wife of Scott Brown recently, and it’s not all good.
  6. god bless youtube
    Scott Brown’s Wife Has Curious HandsThe new senator’s wife starred as a murderous vixen in a 1982 music video.