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Godwin’s Law

  1. white men with money
    Ken Langone Becomes Latest Billionaire Victim of Hitler’s Nazi TacticsTom Perkins got through to at least one ally.
  2. the national interest
    1939 Jewish Husband Too Sensitive About HitlerThis is why Jewish grandmothers don’t want their grandchildren to marry a gentile.
  3. guns
    Nazi Bloomberg, Zombie Obama Target at NRA Party“I am amazed at how many of my New York friends have become absolute dopes.”
  4. godwin’s law
    Mike Godwin on Godwin’s Law and Nazi ComparisonsYou know who else made laws?
  5. godwin’s law
    New York Assemblyman Runs Afoul of Godwin’s Law [Updated]Steve McLaughlin delivered the carefully considered remark this morning.
  6. godwin’s law
    John Raese Stands by Holocaust Comparison“I am not going to be intimidated by a bunch of bullshit.”
  7. godwin’s law
    Smoking Laws = Holocaust, Says Senate CandidateNazi analogies are never, ever good.
  8. international intrigue
    Israel Could Make It Illegal to Compare Someone to a Nazi Civil liberties groups are alarmed because the law would essentially shut down all Internet message boards and comment threads. 
  9. godwin’s law
    Congressman Allen West Says Democrats Have Nazi-Level Propaganda SkillsOh, Allen. You sure like stirring up trouble.
  10. godwin’s law
    ESPN Pulls Monday Night Football Theme Song Over Dubious AnalogyFans will have to go without Hank Williams Jr. for the time being.
  11. godwin’s law
    They’re Already Making Nazi Comparisons in CaliforniaThe California gubernatorial race is going to be fantastic.
  12. neighborhood news
    Public Theater Accused of Loving HitlerZoning decisions – comment-thread-style!