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  1. anti-vaxx
    GoFundMe Becomes the Latest Platform to Ban Anti-Vax Misinformation CampaignsAnti-vax, or “vaccine choice,” campaigns have raised $170,000 in the last four years.
  2. the wall
    The People Who Tried to Crowdfund the Wall Are Now Trying to Build It ThemselvesBrian Kolfage says his group is going to try to raise the money to buy the land and build the wall themselves — without the federal government.
  3. scams
    GoFundMe Scammer Girlfriend Says She Got Scammed, TooThe latest in the saga of the New Jersey trio who almost got away with a $402,000 con.
  4. GoFundMe Scam Saga Ends in Three ArrestsA New Jersey couple raised over $400,000 for a homeless man they claimed had helped them in an emergency. The trio made the whole thing up.
  5. let’s get this bread
    Did a Twitter User Scam MAGA Fans Out of Thousands of Dollars?Who’s scamming who in this situation?
  6. select all
    Cops Raid Home of Couple Who Maybe Committed GoFundMe FraudKate McClure and Mark D’Amico raised over $400,000 on GoFundMe and have since been accused of fraud.
  7. select all
    Guy Crowdfunding for New Window After Poop-Throwing Date Crawled Out of ItShe was stuck upside down for 15 minutes before he called the fire department to rescue her.
  8. ferguson
    Darren Wilson Donors May Have Some Tax IssuesMore than $400,000 has been collected for the Ferguson police officer.