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  1. sports
    The Deal That Shocked Pro Golf May Be in TroubleThe Justice Department reportedly opened an antitrust investigation into the PGA Tour’s surprise merger with Saudi-backed LIV Golf.
  2. games
    The PGA Never Had Any Principles to Begin WithThe league briefly took the moral high ground against its Saudi-backed rival — then suddenly cashed out.
  3. sports
    The PGA Tour Is Under Investigation by the FedsDOJ investigators are questioning whether Establishment golf used anti-competitive tactics to take on an upstart rival.
  4. games
    Endless Saudi Money Throws Golf Into an Existential CrisisA new PGA rival shows that when the payday’s big enough, loyalty to established institutions only goes so far.
  5. games
    It’s Insane What Tiger Woods Is Doing Right NowA year ago, it was unclear whether he’d ever walk again. Now he’s within spitting distance of the Masters lead.
  6. games
    Jon Rahm’s COVID Disaster Is a Great Vaccine PSASome athletes are still inoculation reluctant. Maybe watching a golfer lose more than a million dollars will help.
  7. games
    The Extremely Welcome, Slightly Jarring Return of Sports CrowdsWith screaming fanatics back in the mix, games are no longer a pale imitation of themselves.
  8. vulture sports
    Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Rollover Car Crash in L.A.He is recovering from a surgery on his right leg and ankle, according to a statement.
  9. games
    Bill Belichick Can’t Escape Trump That EasilyThe Patriots coach declined a Medal of Freedom, but his and other Trump-friendly sports figures’ legacies remain linked to the president.
  10. capitol riot
    The Trump Reckoning Spreads to the Golf WorldBecoming a pariah in pro golf will impact some of Trump’s least-dysfunctional businesses as he faces $900 million in loans coming due by 2024.
  11. donald trump
    Trump’s Weekend: Golf, a Murder Accusation, and Scant Mention of the PandemicThe president was more interested in “exercise,” conspiracy theories, and his bullying pulpit than Memorial Day or the coronavirus death toll.
  12. donald trump
    The Taxpayer Tab for Trump’s Golf Outings Tops $100 Million: ReportThe guy who said he wouldn’t play golf as president appears to have lied.
  13. games
    Tiger Woods Just Gave Us the Feel-Good Sports Story of the CenturyBut why do we care so much?
  14. donald trump
    Report: Trump Asked Tiger Woods for His Thoughts on Tax ReformTrump reportedly treats golf as a form of roving “Executive time,” where political allies and celebrities can lobby their causes.
  15. donald trump
    Report: President Trump Is a Habitual Cheater at GolfAccording to a new book by sportswriter Rick Reilly, the president – who has trouble following rules – can’t help but cheat at his favorite pastime.
  16. russia investigation
    Report: Aides Plan to Distract Trump from Russia Probe With Rallies and Golf“The busier he is, the less likely he’s going to get in these moods and watch TV and get more and more angry.”
  17. games
    Why It’s So Hard to Give Up the Dream of a Tiger Woods ComebackHe came close this past weekend, and the world went nuts.
  18. In Official Transcript, White House Adds 27 Feet to Trump’s ‘3-Foot Putts’Anthony Scaramucci credited Trump with nailing “3-foot putts,” but the White House transcript says they were 30-footers.
  19. No One Wants Trump at the U.S. Women’s Open, But He’s Going AnywayOne golfer said his attendance would be a “debacle,” but Trump doesn’t care.
  20. Government Watchdog Will Review President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago TripsSecurity protocols and expenses around his visits to the Palm Beach, Florida, club.
  21. florida man
    Report: Trump Kicked Critical Biographer Off His Golf CourseDrama on the fairway.
  22. Japan’s Prime Minister Gave Trump a $3,800 Golden Golf ClubAmerica’s president-elect gave Shinzō Abe a handful of shirts in return.
  23. select all
    Michael Phelps Is Also Pretty Good at GolfPerhaps a new career for the retiring Olympian.
  24. Rio Has Really Shanked Olympic GolfFrom destroying a nature preserve to lost clubs, the IOC needs a mulligan.
  25. Flying Golfcarts Are a Thing That ExistsAnd they cost about $200,000.
  26. Bill Clinton Still Has a Locker at Trump’s Westchester Golf CourseTrump has spent the past year calling the former president a rapist and demanding his wife be imprisoned. But all is fair in politics and golf.
  27. beef
    Obama Knows He’s No Michael Jordan (at Golf)The president’s comeback to claims he’s a “shitty” golfer.
  28. the sports section
    Michael Jordan Thinks Obama Is a ‘Shitty’ Golfer“I never said he wasn’t a great politician…”
  29. bengolfzi
    Fancy Westchester Golf Courses Ruined Obama’s Labor Day Weekend Or part of it, anyway. 
  30. the sports section
    Steve Elkington Tweets Michael Sam Gay JokeHe has a history of being an asshole on Twitter.
  31. fun with gifs
    President Obama Can Lift His Leg Up Pretty High for a 52-Year-OldHere is the proof. 
  32. fore!
    Saxby Chambliss Ruined Bipartisanship With a Hole in OneAll Obama did was watch.
  33. fore!
    Obama and Woods Both Won Their Golf GameThey played as a team, and Tiger is stoked.
  34. fore!
    White House Reporters Livid After Missing Obama’s Golf Game With Tiger WoodsGolf Digest gets the exclusive.
  35. early and awkward
    Condi Rice Hit This Lady in the Face With a Golf Ball(She’s okay.)
  36. beefs
    Donald Trump Is Still Raging Against Scottish Wind TurbinesSays they’ll block his golf course’s seaside views.
  37. elite swinging
    Newt Gingrich Is a Member of Donald Trump’s Very Exclusive Golf ClubAnd he’s not bad.
  38. vu.
    Mayor Bloomberg Drops $20 Million on Hamptons Golf GetawayNot too shabby.
  39. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Is Dating a 22-Year-OldFile this under “Least surprising news of 2011.”
  40. fore!
    John Boehner Wants to Golf With Barack ObamaIt’s a start.
  41. tiger catches tail
    Us Weekly: Tiger Woods Moves to ManhattanYou know, for the privacy.
  42. great divorces
    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Officially DivorcedBlah blah blah “privacy” blah.
  43. obama is a human person
    When President Obama Golfs, We All WinThat’s what the White House said today.
  44. rnc
    New RNC Ad Criticizes Obama for Golfing Instead of Meeting With BP“‘What Took So Long?” released same day president meets with company.
  45. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Wins America Back by Playing GolfData indicate that Woods’s approval rating is way up.
  46. tiger catches tail
    Woods Arrives at Augusta, Media Brigade FollowsTiger will be accompanied by 90 bodyguards this week.
  47. in the rough
    Andrew Giuliani’s Golf-Team Lawsuit Officially DismissedDifferent judge recommended dismissal last May.
  48. tiger catches tail
    CBS Turned Down Chance to Interview TigerAfter learning of five-minute time limit, network declined opportunity to become third channel to air an interview.
  49. tiger catches tail
    Woods Evasive in First Post-Scandal Interview: ‘I’ve Done Some Pretty Bad Things’ESPN reporter given just five minutes to question Tiger.
  50. tiger catches tail
    Joslyn James Posts Tiger Woods ‘Sexts’WARNING: Extremely filthy material ahead.
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