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  1. 2020 census
    Trump Administration Drops Citizenship Question From 2020 CensusTrump’s plot to rig the 2020 Census was undone by his administration’s own incompetence.
  2. happy sh*t
    7 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekWhales are back in NYC, Star Wars is real, and there was a wedding in a school gym.
  3. happy sh*t
    7 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekFeaturing royal babies frolicking, Barack Obama, and one very chill dog.
  4. The Climate May Be Changing More Slowly Than We’d ThoughtNew data suggests that if humanity gets its act together, we might still be able to cap warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.
  5. A Little Good News: Three Lives & Co. Bookstore Will Stay PutThree Lives & Co. signs a lease it can live with.
  6. good news
    Ebola Epidemic Is Officially OverAccording to the World Health Organization.
  7. islamic state watch
    Lucky Strikes Take Out 3 Top ISIS LeadersAfter much complaining about U.S.-led strikes being “unsuccessful.”
  8. good news
    NYC’s HIV Infections Are at an All-Time LowA 40 percent drop from 2003.
  9. good news
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekTo kick off your Halloweekend.
  10. good news
    Woman Marries Badass CyborgMatt Ficarra is paralyzed but used a robotic exoskeleton to walk down the aisle.
  11. good news
    The FDNY Got Its Most Diverse Recruit Class EverMore than 60 percent minorities.
  12. good news
    The Krim Family Welcomes a Baby BoySome good news.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Three Missing Women Rescued From Cleveland HomeMichele Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus were all being held in the same house.
  14. good news
    St. Mark’s Bookshop Lives to Lose Money Another Day Eggheads of the East Village, rejoice.
  15. zombie puppies!!!!!!
    New Jersey Is Now Home to Daniel, the Unkillable Miracle DogHe survived a doggie gas chamber.
  16. human puppies!!!!!!!
    They Found a 2-Week-Old Baby in the Turkish Earthquake RubbleHooray!
  17. good news
    It Hasn’t Been a Great Day for Mid-Nineties Genocidal ManiacsWhich means it’s a pretty good day for everyone else.
  18. good news
    President Obama Not Interested in Unconstitutional Third TermPhew.
  19. shopping
    People Are Shopping Again!For jewelry! And clothes! And home furniture! And cars!
  20. good news
    Fewer People Were Murdered in New York This Year Than Any Year on RecordThere were even some days when nobody was killed at all!
  21. the greatest depression
    Dow Closes Above 10,00010,015.86, to be exact.
  22. A Dog Named Bagel Is MissingAllison Frey, the granddaughter of former Bear Stearns CEO Ace Greenberg, lost her Maltese yesterday. We have an idea of where he might be.