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Good Samaritans

  1. subway heroes
    Blind Jazz Guitarist Saved After Falling on Subway TracksHe thought he was stepping onto the train.
  2. good samaritans
    Man Who Rescued Drunk From Oncoming Train in Critical ConditionA Staten Island Railway train hit the man in the head.
  3. Good Samaritans Descend on Midwestern Kmarts, Pay Off Layaway Balances Stopping by the occasional Wal-Mart as well.
  4. good samaritans
    Good Samaritan Pulls Pilot and Passenger From Burning AircraftEveryone survived.
  5. reasons to love new york
    Man Returns Wallet With $2,800 in It to OwnerGood Samaritanism strikes again.
  6. reasons to love new york
    Taxi Driver Saves $21K Purse for TouristYeah, that really happened.