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  1. happy sh*t
    7 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekWhales are back in NYC, Star Wars is real, and there was a wedding in a school gym.
  2. good things
    Indian Nonprofit Gives $100,000 to Man Who Tried to Intervene in Kansas ShootingTwenty-four-year-old Ian Grillot tried to step in as the suspect attacked two Indian men, killing one.
  3. Baby Saved From the Times Square Subway Tracks“Once I got down there, I said ‘Please God, don’t let the train move.’”
  4. good things
    Liberia Declared Ebola-Free The virus killed more than 4,700 Liberians.
  5. good things
    Executed 14-Year-Old Cleared After 70 YearsHe was black. They were white.
  6. good things
    NYC Kids Now Need a Flu Shot for Pre-KNo anti-vaxxers allowed.
  7. good things
    There’s Finally a Law Against Tattooing Your Dog in New YorkFinally.
  8. Happy Quadruple Amputee Can Hug Again After Arm TransplantHe should get even more feeling during a year in therapy.
  9. good things
    DHS Won’t Force Tourists From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Go HomeThey’ll be allowed to stay for 18 months.
  10. good things
    New York’s (Former) Ebola Patient Hugs His Way Out of the Hospital After 19 days at Bellevue, Dr. Craig Spencer was given a clean bill of health.
  11. good things
    Ebola-Infected Doctor Seems to Be Getting BetterSome positive news.
  12. good things
    Gas Deal Means Ukraine Won’t Freeze This WinterPhew.
  13. Voter I.D. Laws Blocked in Wisconsin, TexasCourts worried about suppressing turnout.
  14. vermin!
    New York City’s Bedbug Numbers Are Way DownGood job, everyone.
  15. international intrigue
    Taliban Releases Captured American Soldier After Five YearsIn exchange for five Afghan prisoners.
  16. good things
    Connecticut Becomes First State to Raise Minimum Wage to $10.10 an HourThe change will happen incrementally.
  17. good things
    FDNY Emergency Dispatch Deserving of Praise One worker stayed on the phone with a stroke victim for almost eight hours.
  18. good things
    Brooklyn’s Most Prominent Artisanal Empire Is ExpandingTo a 150,000-square-foot Crown Heights fixer-upper.
  19. crazy in arizona
    Gabrielle Giffords Is Getting Her Skull Back TodayAnother encouraging step in her recovery.
  20. good things
    Martha Stewart Wants Back on the BoardShe’s allowed to serve again.