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  1. post reality
    The Last Glassholes Are Still on RedditBut please, please, don’t call them Glassholes.
  2. post reality
    Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Aren’t on the Streets, They’re on Factory FloorsHow augmented-reality smart glasses are being used on shop floors around the world.
  3. select all
    The Rebirth of Google Glass on the Factory FloorGoogle Glass is back, but you won’t be seeing it on the streets anytime soon.
  4. tech nightmares
    Guy Who Used Google Glass for 18 Hours a Day Got Addicted to Being a GlassholeA special case of “internet addiction disorder.”
  5. glasshole nation
    7 Reasons Not to Buy Google Glass TodayThe most polarizing gadget on earth is now open to the masses.
  6. sxsw 2014
    Through the Looking Glass: What Happens at a Google Glass GatheringGlassholes, unite!
  7. glassholes
    Google Glass ‘Attack Victim’ Says She Experienced a Hate CrimeNow you wear your class divide on your face.
  8. the future
    Google Acknowledges That ‘Glassholes’ Are a Thing“Don’t be creepy” is the new “Don’t be evil.”
  9. new york’s finest
    NYPD Not Necessarily Against Becoming Google GlassholesCops are reportedly testing the device.
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    World’s Most Hipstery Crime CommittedPortland man’s Google Glass stolen in Brooklyn.  
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    You Can Get a Ticket for Driving With Google GlassBut will it hold up?
  12. google glass
    Google Glass Porn App Covers Up Private Parts, MinimallyNow it’s just implied-porn.
  13. google glass
    Google’s Futile War Against Glass Porn Has BegunIt added a ban on sexually explicit content to combat a new app. 
  14. early and awesome
    8 Things Michele Bachmann Is Saying to Her Google GlassShe was wearing a pair this morning. 
  15. google glass
    Stephen Colbert Explains the Internet to Google’s Eric SchmidtIt’s “a series of tubes.”
  16. google glass
    Google Is Now Rescinding Glass InvitesYou don’t get a Glass, and you don’t get a Glass.
  17. google glass
    Foxconn to Fill Early Google Glass Orders Right Here in AmericaThe company’s first U.S. factory will be in California.
  18. google glass
    Google Appears to Have Picked Its #IfIHadGlass Winners at Random [Updated]This was an ad campaign, not a competition. 
  19. 18 People Who Did Not Win the #IfIHadGlass ContestThese were some sassy submissions.