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    Pixel 2 Review: The Best Smartphone Camera Got Even BetterIf you really care about getting great photos with your phone, the Pixel 2’s camera deserves a spot in your pocket.
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    Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Pixel 2The new phone starts at $650.
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    Why Google Bought HTC’s Pixel Division for $1.1 BillionGoogle buys a big chunk of a Taiwanese phone manufacturer.
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    Pics of the Google Pixel 2 Have LeakedA look at Google’s second attempt at making a flagship phone.
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    Why All Your Gadgets Want You to Talk to ThemWhy all the electronic stuff in your life are suddenly so desperate to start up a conversation.
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    Control Your New Google Phone Using Harry Potter SpellsBecause nothing looks cooler than shouting at your phone in Latin!
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    Google Has Made a Phone People Will Want — But Can It Topple the iPhone?Google makes a triumphant entry into hardware with its Pixel smartphones.
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    Google Doesn’t Want to Be Apple. It Wants to Be Everyone.As the search giant looks to own hardware, it’s making aggressive moves against other manufacturers.
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    All the Times Google Threw Shade at Apple During Today’s EventGoogle is a messy bitch who lives for drama.
  10. Watch the Silicon Valley Skit That Opened Google’s Event Today“You can be a qualified industry professional and be a virgin.”
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    Here Are All the Goodies We’re Expecting From Google’s Big Event Next WeekAt its event on Tuesday, the search giant is out to prove it can also put out quality consumer tech.