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    Happy International Women’s Day to All of You Googling ‘International Men’s Day’Dudes, just let women have one day. It is really the least you can do.
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    These Are the Memes You Fools Googled the Most in 2017Only in 2017 could a man being violently dragged from a plane make this list.
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    The HQ Effect: Everyone’s Trying to Cheat at Trivia by Googling the AnswerGoogle trend spikes show just how many HQ-ties are searching for trivia answers in real time.
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    Intelligence Agencies Want to Use Google Trends to Track the Next Revolution“Google Trends allows us to get a sense of atmospherics.”
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    How We’re Remembering Ted KennedyIs he first a “liberal lion”? A “family patriarch”? The “health-care power broker”? Or are people this morning talking about something else?