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  1. republican national convention
    Ann Romney Expected to Headline the RNC’s Opening NightTo create a “bookend” effect.
  2. romney’s tax returns
    Paul Ryan Paid a Higher Tax Rate Than Mitt Romney Because He’s Less RichWhat we learned from the vice-presidential candidate’s 2011 and 2010 tax returns.
  3. obama’s campaign brain
    David Axelrod on How to Overturn Citizens UnitedObama’s chief political strategist weighs in on campaign finance, gay marriage, and Mitt Romney.
  4. the great tampa convention showdown
    Rick Santorum Ready for Ron Paul Convention ShowdownAlso, he’s open to running for vice-president.
  5. gop 2012
    Trump, Pawlenty, and Perry Serve Up the Red Meat at North Carolina ConventionTrump’s still a birther, Pawlenty’s looking vice-presidential, and Perry on America’s “oops” moment.
  6. money primary
    The Romneys Inject the First of Their Meager Millions Into the Race$150,000 in May.
  7. generational politics
    GOP Memo: Republicans Not Nearly As Anti-Gay As Their PartyOnly 29 percent oppose any legal recognition of same-sex relationships.
  8. white men with money
    John Paulson’s Mitt Romney Fund-raiser Was About What You’d Expect The event took place at the hedge-funder’s UES townhouse. 
  9. lonestar rising
    Rick Perry Would Rather Not Be Vice-PresidentA tough call for the Texas governor.
  10. endorsements
    Jeb Bush Joins the ‘Unite Behind Romney’ ChorusOther high-profile endorsements expected soon.
  11. gop 2012
    Tea-Party Group Tepidly Almost-Endorses Mitt RomneyBut FreedomWorks says it won’t explicitly endorse him.
  12. the slow delegate march
    Romney Spending at Least Four Times As Much Per Vote As SantorumAnd nearly three times as much per delegate.
  13. politician flab
    Rick Santorum Photographed Shirtless During a Campaign Break in Puerto RicoAdmits: “I probably should lose about fifteen or twenty pounds.”
  14. Straight Talk From Rick Santorum: Improving Economy Is Bad for RepublicansOpenly voices what everyone is really thinking.
  15. Mitt Romney Clinches Key Endorsement in Must-Win State for GingrichIn Mississippi, whose GOP primary is next Tuesday.
  16. Mitt Romney’s Double-Digit Win in the Washington Caucuses Last NightFourth straight win in a row.
  17. gop 2012
    Romney Prevails in MichiganBut not without a scare.
  18. arizona
    Romney Projected to Win Arizona in a LandslideCNN called it at 9:00 p.m. based on exit polls.
  19. The Separation of Church and State Makes Santorum Want to VomitAt least that’s what he told ABC, NBC this morning.
  20. Video: Why Mitt Romney Isn’t Ready for the TalkiesThe Chris Matthews Show casts Mitt Romney in The Artist.
  21. For the Millionth Time, Mitch Daniels Is Not RunningBut wait ten seconds and ask him again. Who knows, he may have changed his mind.
  22. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Endorses Mitt Romney, Snubs White House InvitationNot going to governors’ dinner tonight.
  23. Debunking Rick Santorum’s ‘Mitt the Occupier’ RemarksRomney has pointedly lambasted OWS protesters wherever he meets them.
  24. Ann Romney Jokes That Mitt’s Debate Moratorium Was Her IdeaOr did we just glimpse the true power behind the man?
  25. Billionaire Gave More Money to Gingrich Super PACRumored as much as $10 million.
  26. Romney Loses Ohio Endorsement While His Arizona Co-Chair Resigns in DisgracePlus, Ron Paul’s already halved Romney’s Maine margin.
  27. stuck in the mittle
    Romney’s Supposed Victory in Maine Caucuses in JeopardyWhen is a win not a win?
  28. Santorum’s Just a Teensy Bit Bitter About Losing the CPAC VoteSuggests Romney “rigged” the straw poll.
  29. Mitt Romney Wins in Maine, But Ron Paul Thinks He’ll Still Take the DelegatesLoses to Romney by 194 votes.
  30. money primary
    Santorum Has Two Million-Dollar Days, Back to BackBut that’s still peanuts to Moneybags Mitt.
  31. politics
    Mitt Romney, the ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’Team Obama’s on the lookout for slipups big and small.
  32. GOP Race Moves on to the Midwest, Where Romney Needs to WinSantorum already took Iowa, polling well in Minnesota, Missouri.
  33. Romney’s Miracle Debate Coach Did Such a Marvelous Job He Had to GoStaffers were uneasy that the coach, not the candidate, was getting all the credit.
  34. Resounding Win for Romney in Nevada [Updated]Gingrich is losing his base and maybe his billionaire supporter too.
  35. Rasmussen: Santorum Would Beat Obama, Romney Would NotA snapshot of (un)reality.
  36. NYT: ‘Rumors Swirl’ About Gingrich WithdrawalGingrich spokesperson: NYT “unfit for print.”
  37. High Mormon Turnout Assures Romney at Least Quarter of Nevada VoteThat’s how many Mormons came out to caucus; 98 percent went for Romney in 2008.
  38. Newt Gingrich: Trampolines, Not Safety Nets, for PoorSo what poor children need is to do janitorial work while bouncing on trampolines.
  39. Everyone Agrees, Romney’s Going to Dominate in Nevada Tonight [Updated]And early caucus results seem to be bearing that out.
  40. the donald
    Who the Hell Is Donald Trump Endorsing Today? [Updated]Nobody seems to know! It’s madness!
  41. Poll: Romney Now Holds Commanding Fifteen-Point Lead Over Gingrich in FloridaIt’s going to be hard to recover from that.
  42. Herman Cain Rethinks Non-Endorsement, Goes With Newt ‘Bold Ideas’ GingrichUnclear the effect, if any, it will have on Newt’s lagging poll numbers.
  43. NBC Wants Romney Ad, Lifted 100 Percent From Nightly News, Taken DownTom Brokaw announcing Gingrich found “guilty” in House ethics vote.
  44. Mitt Romney Calls Newt Gingrich ‘Goldilocks’First he wanted a loud audience, now he doesn’t.
  45. Gingrich Goes Nuclear With ‘Dishonest Mitt’ AdMike Huckabee lashes out over quote of his used in one of the ads.
  46. Jeb Bush, Former Florida Governor, Will NOT Endorse AnyoneDescribed both Romney, Gingrich as “credible”candidates.
  47. Romney Caves on Tax Returns, Will Release His on TuesdaySame day as Obama’s State of the Union speech.
  48. Santorum’s Sweater-vest Violated Polling RulesIt had a campaign logo. Bad Santorum!
  49. Aide: Newt Will Win, But That’s Good for Mitt“I think it’s been a terrible week for Gingrich and a great week for us.”
  50. Printing Error Leads to ‘I Voted’ Stickers the Size of Postage StampsTwitter jokes liken them to those banana stickers.
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