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  1. Colbert to S.C.: ‘Vote Cain on Saturdain’Couldn’t get on ballot himself, so backing drop-out Cain.
  2. Romney’s Bused-In Mormon Cheer Section Campaign says they are not paying for charter bus.
  3. Best S.C. Primary Tweet YetIt involves Gingrich, Confederate flags, angels, and Prozac.
  4. Romney Narrowly Avoids Awkward Gingrich Showdown at S.C. Ham HouseSeems Gingrich had booked the time and place first.
  5. No. 1 American Chuck Norris Endorses Newt GingrichNewt campaign: What cabinet position should Chuck get?
  6. Mitt Romney’s Common Touch Includes $50-or-So for One Female SupporterIt’s “what he had on him.”
  7. Will the Religious Right Have to Accept a Mormon for President?Not if they can help it.
  8. Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Releases ‘Mitt Romney Is a Serial Killer’ AdJust days after Colbert hands control over to Jon Stewart.
  9. Santorum Likens Voting for Romney to ‘Voter Malpractice’On Face the Nation today.
  10. Rick Perry Defends Marines Who Urinated on Taliban Corpses“Obviously 18, 19-year-old kids make stupid mistakes.”
  11. Gingrich Plagued by Campaign Snafus in South CarolinaBooed at Huckabee forum, failed to show up at barbecue.
  12. Evangelical Gathering Picks Santorum As Their ChampionHope to consolidate anti-Romney sentiment.
  13. Gingrich Distances Himself From Romney AttacksRomney’s S.C. lead down to less than 5 points.
  14. gop 2012
    Heilemann: Anti-Gingrich Campaigns Are Taking A TollNewt might not rally again in Iowa.
  15. eye of newt
    Iowa Christian Group Split Over Gingrich EndorsementLeader says yes, members say no.
  16. Andrew Breitbart Steps Down From GOProud Board After It Outs Perry AdvisorEntirely by accident, the group says.
  17. Rick Perry’s Critics Blame Him for Texas’s New Christian License PlateReads “One State Under God.”
  18. Gingrich Likens Himself to FDRTotally the way to win over GOP voters.
  19. Heilemann on the Looming GOP Iowa ShowdownRick Perry’s Hail Mary and what that libertarian fellow is up to.
  20. hot or not journalism
    The Atlantic Wire Plugged Youthful Pics of the GOP Field Into Hot or NotYeah, someone went there. It’s Friday.
  21. early and often
    The Fox News Candidate Is … Fox NewsLike any good candidate, the network plans to tack toward the center for the general election.
  22. Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman Not Interested in Trump/Newsmax Debate [Updated]Or its “circus-like atmosphere.”
  23. Cain’s Plan B: ‘I Am Suspending My Campaign’ Will make an endorsement soon.
  24. GOP Candidates Try Out-Christianing Each Other at the Thanksgiving ForumGingrich slams OWS; two people cry.
  25. Bachmann, Cain, and Perry Are All Totally Okay With WaterboardingDebate loser: CBS.
  26. Mitt Romney: Turnaround Whiz or Slash-and-Burn Profiteer?Times digs into Romney’s buyout past.
  27. Outside Group Upping Rick Perry Ad SpendingPAC spent $250,000 in South Carolina.
  28. No Sexual Harassment Talk at Tonight’s Cain-Gingrich DebateJust policy details, not a Cain forte.
  29. Four Things We’ve Learned About Herman Cain This WeekendElectric border fences and fruity attacks.
  30. money primary
    The Money Metric: The Latest Fund-raising Update From the Campaign TrailObama dominant; Perry and Romney comfortable; Cain still in need of a funding boost.
  31. Christie Aides Study Challenges in Rolling Out Last-Minute CampaignStill possible to mount Iowa, New Hampshire campaigns this late?
  32. Iowans Who Met Christie in May Still Want Him to RunHawkeye business leaders still hoping.
  33. early and often
    Straw Poll Weekend: Herman Cain Resurgent After Win in Florida, While Perry Is Rebuked and Bachmann FadesNew top trio emerges, and Michele Bachmann isn’t in it.
  34. bon mots
    Rick Perry Says He May Not Be the Best Debater in Town, But at Least He’s Got a Firm Rudder-HandSpeaking in Romney’s native Michigan yesterday.
  35. palinology
    Is Palin Prepping to Jump Into the Race? [Updated]Former Alaska governor says “there’s room for more” in 2012 GOP field.
  36. still america’s sweetheart
    Palin Documentary Opens to Mixed Audiences, Poor ReviewsAt least one of the select theaters showing the premiere was entirely empty.
  37. no good deed unnoticed
    Did Michele Bachmann Get Her Lesbian Stepsister Tickets to the Obama Inauguration?Video of Bachmann’s stepsister at inauguration has 10,000 views this week alone.
  38. dancing with bigots
    Michele Bachmann’s Problem With Gay People Could Soon Become a Problem for HerEspecially when she starts using words like ‘garbage,’ ‘evil,’ and ‘enslavement’ to describe the lifestyle.
  39. gop 2012
    The Money Metric: How GOP Candidates Are DoingEarly fund-raising figures show a slow-starting GOP field.
  40. 2012
    Jon Huntsman Is Embracing the Jr. in His NameThis is not your daddy’s campaign website, he wants you to know.