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  1. What Happens When Republican Candidates Stop Being Real and Start Getting PoliteThursday’s GOP debate felt less like a reality show, and that’s probably good news for Donald Trump.
  2. Florida Mayors Demand Climate-Change Questions at Miami Primary DebatesA bipartisan coalition of Florida mayors really doesn’t want to see the ocean swallow their cities. 
  3. rules shmules
    Report: Donald Trump Has Been Regularly Cheating at the DebatesThe violation was so egregious on Thursday night that Fox News let all the other candidates cheat as well.
  4. Trump and Cruz Debate Who Is More Nervous“Donald, I understand that rules are very hard for you, they’re very confusing.”
  5. Marco Rubio Admits the Liberal Media Had a Point About His Awful DebateRubio admitted that impersonating a robot obsessed with Glenn Beck was not a good debate strategy.
  6. gop debate
    Marco Rubio Defends His Repetition of Talking Point by Repeating Talking Point“Actually, I would pay them to keep running that clip, because that’s what I believe passionately.”
  7. gop debate
    Rubio’s Establishment Rivals Bring Him Down to Earth in New HampshireIt was by far Rubio’s worst debate performance, at the worst possible time, and against exactly the wrong competition.
  8. Rubio Implodes in New Hampshire Debate by Acting Like a Broken RobotAfter being attacked by Chris Christie, a rattled, robotic Rubio was unable to veer away from canned sound bites.
  9. liveblog
    Watch the Sixth GOP Debate With Daily IntelligencerThere are only seven candidates left on the main debate stage.
  10. early and often
    Chris Christie Will Return to the Main Stage at this Week’s Republican DebateHe’s currently in second place in New Hampshire.
  11. fact-check
    The Proud Legacy of ‘Operation Wetback’ and 5 Other Whoppers From the GOP DebateWhere do they get this stuff?
  12. the national circus
    The Fox Business GOP Debate Was Boring — and RiggedThe moderators practically let the candidates rehearse their stump speeches, and it’s unlikely anyone will knock Trump or Carson from atop the polls. 
  13. fact-check
    6 Debunked Statements From the GOP DebateIt wasn’t a great night for facts.
  14. the national circus
    Is the GOP Cracking Up? With Jeb Bush looking finished at last night’s debate and Marco Rubio still not attracting base voters, the possibility remains in play.
  15. cable news news
    The GOP Debate Broke CNN’s Ratings RecordPreviously held by an episode of Larry King Live featuring Al Gore and Ross Perot.
  16. early and often
    The Key Moments of the Second GOP Presidential DebateThe pundits have weighed in.
  17. early and often
    Did Ben Carson Win the GOP Debate?According to a new national poll by Fox News, he benefited more than any other candidate.
  18. early and often
    The Winners and Losers of the First GOP Presidential DebateThe pundits have weighed in.
  19. Romney’s Miracle Debate Coach Did Such a Marvelous Job He Had to GoStaffers were uneasy that the coach, not the candidate, was getting all the credit.
  20. impolitic
    Heilemann: Gingrich Disciplined, Aggressive, Triumphant at Iowa DebateFive reasons why the new front-runner emerged unscathed from his first turn in the debate spotlight.
  21. Bachmann, Cain, and Perry Are All Totally Okay With WaterboardingDebate loser: CBS.
  22. the national interest
    Perry Survives the Craziness of the Seventh GOP DebateThe Texas governor improved his performance just enough.
  23. bon mots
    Rick Perry Says He May Not Be the Best Debater in Town, But at Least He’s Got a Firm Rudder-HandSpeaking in Romney’s native Michigan yesterday.
  24. health care
    Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Died Sick and Uninsured, the Way ‘Freedom’ AllowsKent Snyder was just 49-years-old when he was killed by pneumonia.
  25. early and awkward
    GOP Debate: It’s the Perry-Romney ShowEight politicians onstage. Two really mattered.