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  1. vision 2020
    GOP Donors Demand Trump Magically Become a Normal Human by 2020Donors are starting to worry that Trump’s 2020 campaign might just be a bunch of nepotism hires rationalizing the outbursts of a senescent narcissist.
  2. gop donors
    The GOP Has No New Ideas Because Elderly Billionaires Own Its BrainRepublicans haven’t adapted their agenda to 21st century problems because their plutocratic paymasters don’t have any of those.
  3. stoneman shooting
    Top GOP Donor Cuts Off Opponents of Assault Weapon BanThe Florida school shooting seems to have moved at least some Republicans to action.
  4. Senate Republicans Accidentally Killed Some of Their Donors’ Favorite Tax BreaksPassing a tax bill that you wrote over lunch — and never actually read — appears to have some downsides.
  5. GOP Donors in New York Not Enthusiastic About Their Christmas GiftThere’s unhappiness in the Hamptons with a bill that kills deductions GOP donors love without much for them in exchange.
  6. The GOP Donor Class Is a Pack of Ungrateful BratsThe GOP has sacrificed its own political interests — and the public’s most basic regulatory protections — to advance its donors’ radical agenda.
  7. No One Wants the Latest Trumpcare Bill — Except Right-Wing BillionairesAnd for at least 48 Republican senators, that seems to be enough.
  8. Republicans Need to Pass Trumpcare to Appease Their Donors – Not Their VotersA new poll finds that only 10 percent of Republicans want a less generous version of Obamacare – but Mitch McConnell is trying to pass one, anyway.
  9. GOP Donors Want the RNC to Disavow Trump. GOP Voters Don’t.A large swath of the Republican donor class has had enough of Trump. But the party’s base is standing by their man.