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  1. gop hair
    What Callista Looked Like Before ‘The Callista’Just another politician’s wife.
  2. gop hair
    ‘But What Is This Crash Helmet?’ The French have  learned about Callista Gingrich.
  3. wise men
    Romney’s Barber Has Hairstyle Advice for the Other CandidatesHe’d do layers, a little off the top …
  4. gop hair
    Brave Woman Tries to Replicate Callista Gingrich’s HairIt was very difficult.
  5. stuck in the mittle
    The Many Hairstyles of Mitt RomneyWhat, you thought he had just one?
  6. stuck in the mittle
    Has Mitt Romney’s Hair Lost Its Swagger?Uh-oh.
  7. gop hair
    Just a Nice, Subtle, Six-Foot-Tall Rick Perry PlanterGet your own GOP Chia Pet!
  8. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Might Be Able to Appeal to Democratic Voters After AllIs his hair big enough to win over swing voters? Too big?
  9. gop hair
    Women in New York Have Been Requesting Michele Bachmann’s HairdoA good coif knows no ideological boundaries.
  10. gop hair
    Ever Wondered How Rick Perry Gets That Hairdo?We sure have. Now, documentary evidence!