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  1. weird flex
    The GOP’s 2024 Strategy Has a High Body CountHow rejecting COVID precautions has become a fertile campaign boast for potential GOP presidential hopefuls.
  2. joe walsh
    Joe Walsh Launches Primary Bid Against Trump, Who He Admits He Helped CreateThe former Tea Party agitator knows he won’t beat the “child” in the Oval Office, but says someone has to try.
  3. Is Trump Leading Congressional Republicans to Slaughter?As Bannon prepares his war against McConnell, Trump is forcing Congress to vote on issues that drive a wedge between the far right and everyone else.
  4. Trump Cheers on Primary Challenge to Stalwart Supporter of His AgendaTrump’s endorsement of a primary challenge to Jeff Flake demonstrates, once again, that the mogul cares more about his ego than his agenda.
  5. #NeverTrump Lives: Dozens of GOP Delegates Are Planning a CoupWhen it comes to #NeverTrump, never say never.
  6. Republicans Are Literally Burning Their Voter-Registration CardsThe GOP is going up in flames. 
  7. early and often
    Cruz, Kasich Team Up to Keep Delegates From Trump in 3 Upcoming PrimariesWith the unorthodox deal, both candidates are trying to ensure a contested convention.
  8. Marco Rubio Blames Failed Campaign on Unfair Media Coverage“When the media is constantly telling you, ‘So-and-so is winning and so-and-so is losing,’ it impacts voters.”
  9. My Fellow Americans, the State of Trump Steaks Is StrongTrump’s bizarre, product-placement-filled victory speech was a reminder of the myriad conflicts of interest he’d confront as president.
  10. Trump’s Scarily Good General-Election ArgumentIn an oddly low-energy speech, Trump revealed an incisive line of attack against Hillary Clinton.
  11. Marco Rubio Suggests That Donald Trump Has Smaller Than Average Genitals“You know what they say about men with small hands?”
  12. New Jersey Bully Chris Christie Endorses New York Bully Donald TrumpHuge.
  13. Donald Trump Wins His First Congressional EndorsementsIt begins.
  14. Marco Rubio Loses to Trump by 22 Points in Nevada, Says Trump ‘Underperformed’Marco Rubio may not be good at winning primary elections, but he’s the all-time master of the expectations game.
  15. Kasich and Rubio Can’t Even Beat Trump in Their Home StatesEven in Ohio, John Kasich gets Trumped.
  16. Jeb Bush Finally Ready to Stop Pretending He Could Be PresidentAfter finishing well behind Marco Rubio in South Carolina, Jeb! ends his campaign.
  17. Donald Trump Wins South CarolinaSouth Carolina wants to make America great again.
  18. Donald Trump Suggested Saudi Arabia Was Behind 9/11 Multiple Times WednesdayThe GOP front-runner protects his lead by accusing a U.S. ally of knocking down the Twin Towers.
  19. Polls: Clinton’s Firewall Is Containing the BernAnd the Donald is still trumping the GOP field.
  20. Barack Obama Says Donald Trump Will Not Be PresidentBut it kinda seems like the president wants Trump to be the nominee.
  21. Trump Supporters in South Carolina Wish the Confederacy Had WonMany of his voters would also like to shut down all mosques and ban gay people from entering the country.
  22. Jeb Bush: 4th Place in South Carolina Is a WinFor Establishment Republicans, elections aren’t about winning and losing, but about how you play the expectations game.
  23. Ivana Trump Suggests That Donald Can Only Be Replaced by 3 MenThe GOP front-runner’s first wife weighs in on the presidential race.
  24. the national circus
    Expect the GOP Establishment to Start Looking at the Bright Side of TrumpAll of their guys — Bush, Kasich, Rubio, Christie — now seem like nothing more than also-rans. 
  25. the national interest
    Why Liberals Should Support a Trump Republican NominationHe’d probably be a better president than his rivals.
  26. Donald Trump Takes Plunge in New National PollAnd Rubio is rising.
  27. Even the GOP Establishment Has Stopped Clapping for Jeb BushAhead of the New Hampshire primary, the GOP Establishment is sending Jeb Bush’s campaign a clear message: Beat Rubio or die.
  28. Donald Trump Celebrates Second-Place Finish With Bitter Tweet StormDonald Trump tweets that he feels flattered to have won second place, and that voters don’t appreciate him enough.
  29. Photos: On the Campaign Trail in Iowa and N.H.A glimpse at the Republican routes in early voting states.
  30. early and often
    Survey: GOP Voters Want ‘Testicular Fortitude’How 100 GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire see the world.
  31. early and often
    NYMag Survey: Republican Voters Want ‘Testicular Fortitude’How 100 GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire see the world.
  32. Donald Trump Paints Cruz As Amnesty-Lover in First Attack AdThe Donald launches a 60-second assault against “Canadian hypocrite” Ted Cruz.
  33. politics
    The Roger Ailes Primary“Crazy stuff! You have a TV executive deciding who is in — and out — of a presidential debate!”
  34. the national circus
    What Does Ireland’s Same-Sex-Marriage Vote Mean for the U.S.?The Irish vote recast the country’s relationship with the Catholic Church. Will America be able to do the same with the religious right?
  35. impolitic
    Heilemann: Five Consequences of Gingrich’s South Carolina WinNewt is the front-runner in Florida; the race will be long and bloody; and more.
  36. impolitic
    Heilemann: USS Gingrich Now Boarding in South CarolinaWith a South Carolina win looking likely, Newt’s aircraft carrier rally last night hit all the Gingrichian sweet spots.
  37. impolitic
    Heilemann: Huntsman’s Piety Cost Him the PrimaryThe candidate’s concession speech showed why he won’t be the GOP’s standard-bearer against Obama.
  38. gop primary
    Texas Primary Postponed, Further Hurting Rick Perry’s ChancesWas March 6, now April 3.
  39. impolitic
    Heilemann: Could Evangelicals Deliver an Ironic Ron Paul Victory in Iowa?A lukewarm reception for Newt Gingrich at Wednesday night’s anti-abortion discussion could foretell a splitting of the Iowa vote in Paul’s favor.
  40. early and often
    The Fox News Candidate Is … Fox NewsLike any good candidate, the network plans to tack toward the center for the general election.
  41. 2012
    Alabama Chief Justice Who Refused to Remove Ten Commandments Monument Is Exploring Presidential BidAnd the goalpost has been moved again. To the right.