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  1. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Can You Oppose Gay Marriage and Not Be a Bigot?“I don’t believe that many people in their hearts truly just don’t like gay people.”
  2. equal rites
    Michael Musto Compares GOProud’s Romney Endorsement to ‘Jewish Nazis’The gay Republicans quipped back that the ‘Village Voice’ columnist looks like a Muppet.
  3. Andrew Breitbart Steps Down From GOProud Board After It Outs Perry AdvisorEntirely by accident, the group says.
  4. republican woodstock
    CPAC Banning Gays for Real This Time AroundSo much for a broad conservative coalition.
  5. republican woodstock
    What You Need to Know About CPACThe gay controversy, the Palin controversy, the presidential horse race, and more.
  6. gays
    Andrew Breitbart Is Going to Throw a Big Gay Eighties Dance Party at CPACSorry, Maggie Gallagher, you’ll have to skip it.
  7. early and awkward
    Ann Coulter’s Scheduled Appearance at ‘HomoCon’ Has Predictable ConsequencesMaybe she was just trying to “Take America Back” from the inside?
  8. early and awkward
    Don’t You Want to Go to a Gay Rally Headlining Ann Coulter?GOProud is betting that you do.