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  1. Gothamist and DNAinfo Shuttered a Week After Vote to UnionizeThe decision to kill the sites will put 115 journalists out of jobs.
  2. media
    Reporter Kicked Out of 9/11 Museum for Asking a Question Without PermissionAmid some bad press, the museum will not have people doing unauthorized journalism.
  3. party poopers
    NYPD Cracks Down on Underground Subway PartyingAfter reading about it in a blog post.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Gothamist Commenter Arrested for Ray Kelly ThreatsWriting publicly about killing the police commissioner is a bad idea.
  5. blog-stained wretches
    Gothamist Sale Falls ThroughThe ‘Voice’ says the failed deal was a result of Gothamist’s own hubris.
  6. blog-stained wretches
    Voice Editor Ortega to Kamer: ‘Stop Apologizing for Writing Such a Great Dick Joke’This one is going to take a moment to explain.
  7. blog-stained wretches
    Cablevision Buys Gothamist for $5 or $6 MillionCongrats, guys!
  8. in other news
    Person Hit by No. 4 TrainDelays on the 4, 5, and 6 lines, naturally, ensue.
  9. office-party patrol
    Riding the Mechanical Bull With Curbed, Eating Shrimp With Gothamist, and Senior Rock and Roll With ‘The New Yorker’This is a big week for office holiday parties, and it kicked off last night with events for Curbed, Gothamist, and The New Yorker. Both Web parties took place downtown, both had open bars, but only one was kind enough to actually invite us — we stopped by both nonetheless. For the New Yorker party, a spy sent us a brief report to slake our endless thirst for weak specialty cocktails. After the jump, our continuing coverage of your most revealing moments, honest conversations, and miscalculated flirtations. For what is an office holiday party but the corporate equivalent of overhearing someone you know having sex?
  10. in other news
    Water, Water, Everywhere Today’s Times reports on a new study showing that “the very character of the Northeast is at stake” if greenhouse gases aren’t controlled, as we mentioned earlier. One issue: What are now considered once-a- century floods could within 90 years be hitting New York City every decade. Gothamist points us to a map from that study, showing what we can expect that decennial flood to look like. This map only shows the financial district, and we’re thrilled about that. At least now we don’t have to look at our West Village neighborhood engulfed. Map of the Day: If NYC Flooded Every 10 Years… [Gothamist]
  11. the follow-up
    Is This the Splasher?Earlier this month, New York’s Sam Anderson looked at the curious case of the Splasher, the anonymous vandal who was destroying some of the city’s best “street art” — that’s a highfalutin term for fancy graffiti — with aggressive splashes of paint and wheatpasted pseudo-Marxist posters decrying the creeping gentrification of the street-art scene. Anderson talked to lots of prominent street artists, a number of the Splasher’s victims, and several potential Splashers. He never quite fingered the true Splasher, but he ended the piece with a strong candidate: an anti-capitalist named Zac. The other day, the city blog Gothamist — run by Jake Dobkin, one of Anderson’s first suspects — received a Unibomber-like manifesto from the Splasher, and subsequently fingered the bad guy as one Zach Dempster. We’d explain more, but, frankly, it all confuses us. The Splasher Speaks [Gothamist]
  12. photo op
    Baby, It’s Cold Outside But that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous, as this pic posted to Gothamist late yesterday reminds us. Extra, Extra [Gothamist]
  13. photo op
    There’s Always Room for Half-Naked Wrestling The well-intentioned folks at Gothamist today introduced us to the new hipster pastime of Amateur Female Jello Wrestling, which we’d presume is far more enjoyed by its spectators than by its participants. Indeed, there are apparently photos of events all over the Internet. (This one is from Kaitlyn Tikkun’s Flickr.) We’re telling you about it because we figured you’d like to know. Or at least half of you would. Silly Trend Watch: Amateur Jello Wrestling [Gothamist]