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  1. early and often
    Government Shutdown Threat Delayed, But Not DefeatedConservatives gave Mike Johnson a mulligan in avoiding a government shutdown, but now they’re spoiling for a fight.
  2. government shutdown
    Johnson Needs Democrats to Avoid a Shutdown, Just Like McCarthyNew Speaker, same dilemma: Either anger some Republicans by working with Democrats, or watch Washington shut down.
  3. government shutdown
    Speaker Johnson Has One Weird Plan for Avoiding a ShutdownWith just one week to go, the unpopular “laddered CR” seems to be all he’s got.
  4. government shutdown
    Does Mike Johnson Even Want to Avoid a Government Shutdown?With the clock ticking down, the new Speaker is coming up with complications that will make keeping the government open even harder than before.
  5. early and often
    What Will Democrats Give Up to Get More Aid for Ukraine?Republicans are demanding border-security concessions that will divide Democrats deeply, and even that may not be enough to save help for Kyiv.
  6. politics
    How Jamaal Bowman Tried to Spin Pulling a Capitol Hill Fire AlarmThe New York Democrat claims he was in a rush to vote and thought the fire alarm would open a locked door in his way.
  7. early and often
    GOP Hard-liners Overplayed Their Hand Against McCarthyMatt Gaetz and other GOP rebels left the Speaker with no option but to cut a deal with Democrats to avoid a shutdown. But the chaos is far from over.
  8. early and often
    Kevin McCarthy Traded One Crisis For AnotherThe Speaker will now face a “motion to vacate” by Florida congressman Matt Gaetz and his hard-right allies in the House.
  9. government shutdown
    Government Shutdown Live Updates: Shutdown AvertedThe Senate overwhelmingly passed the House’s stopgap spending bill, which means the government will be funded for another 45 days.
  10. government shutdown
    The Shutdown Is About the GOP’s Dysfunctional Family DramaIt may seem like it’s “about nothing,” but House Republicans’ unhinged, destructive feuding is more Yellowstone than Seinfeld.
  11. politics
    What Would Actually Happen During a Government ShutdownHundreds of thousands of federal employees would be furloughed and delays could pile up even more at U.S. airports.
  12. early and often
    Democrats Set High Price for Helping McCarthy Avoid a ShutdownMcCarthy may need Democrat votes to avert a shutdown and save his Speakership. But getting them will mean abandoning the Biden impeachment inquiry.
  13. early and often
    Shutdown Nears As Trump Tells House GOP to Defund the GovernmentEverything Kevin McCarthy does to placate right-wing hard-liners makes a deal even harder. Trump’s advice isn’t helping.
  14. early and often
    We Could Be Headed for a Record-Breaking Government ShutdownWith the September 30 deadline approaching, House Republicans are hopelessly divided and Kevin McCarthy is struggling to find a way forward.
  15. early and often
    Did We Just Trade a Debt Default for a Government Shutdown?Most of the debt-limit deal must be implemented via future fights over appropriations, which could trigger shutdowns and even deeper cuts.
  16. explainer
    What Is Congress Even Doing Right Now? A Brief Guide.Congress is tangled in interlocking bills and delayed crises. Here’s the real status and deadline on reconciliation, the debt ceiling, and the rest.
  17. government shutdown
    Will Republicans Force a Government Shutdown to Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandates?A small group of conservatives can gum up the works and force at least a brief shutdown. But with Omicron looming, the timing is strange.
  18. congress
    All These Crises in Congress Are Self-ImposedThe dysfunction in D.C. is largely the product of Congress’s own laws and procedures. And lawmakers have the power to fix it.
  19. politics
    What Joe Biden Needs to Tell Warring DemocratsIt’s time for Democrats in Congress stop posturing, drop their demands, and heed Biden’s call for party unity – or they’ll face a grim future.
  20. congress
    Government Shutdown and Debt Default ‘Cliffs’ Loom AheadThere is an awful lot going on in Congress, but keeping the federal government going and paying its obligations have to come first.
  21. debt limit
    Democrats Appear Ready to Play Game of Chicken on Debt LimitThey’re gambling on forcing Republicans to cooperate, which is no sure thing.
  22. covid-19 stimulus
    Congress Finalizes Stimulus Deal: UpdatesCongress will vote on the new COVID-19 relief package and omnibus on Monday.
  23. congress
    Congress and Trump Will Keep Bickering Through the HolidaysEndless wrangling over spending and stimulus and a likely Trump veto of a defense-policy bill are casting a pall over a holiday-decorated Capitol.
  24. congress
    Stopgap Spending Deal Ends Government Shutdown ThreatPelosi gave in on farm aid Trump is distributing in exchange for some concessions, relegating spending disputes to a lame-duck session.
  25. coronavirus stimulus
    Why the Deal to Avoid a Government Shutdown May Be Bad NewsUsually a deal that averts a shutdown is a good thing, but there’s a catch this time.
  26. coronavirus stimulus
    Mark Meadows Has Been a Game Changer in Stimulus Talks, and Not in a Good WayAs Mnuchin’s “chaperone” and a world-class deal-breaker, the White House chief of staff may be the fly in the ointment.
  27. coronavirus stimulus
    Republicans Abandon Stimulus Checks As Talks Slip to End of Fiscal YearThe effort to provide badly needed COVID-19 relief and stimulus just got delayed and complicated once again as Republicans refuse to budge.
  28. vision 2020
    Yes, Trump’s Job-Approval Ratings Are Finally RisingIt’s unclear whether it’s real and will last, but it’s happening at the perfect time for Trump.
  29. government shutdown
    Congress Agrees to Spending Deal to Avoid Holiday Government ShutdownUnless the president conducts one of his famous last-minute flip-flops, the lights will stay on and the 2020 election will dictate future priorities.
  30. impeachment
    Washington’s Jam-packed December Will Cast a Long Shadow on 2020With impeachment proceedings, a big DoJ report on the Russia investigation, and a possible government shutdown in play, it could get crazy.
  31. government shutdown
    Why Congress May Give Us a Government Shutdown for ChristmasOnce again, spending runs out just before Christmas. Once again, Trump’s border-wall demands are the main sticking point.
  32. impeachment
    House Dems Want to Give America an Impeachment Christmas PresentBy eschewing litigation and hard-to-secure witnesses, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the rest are on a fast track to a pre-Christmas Trump impeachment.
  33. government shutdown
    Congress Quietly Avoids Government ShutdownUnless Trump changes his mind and decides to veto it, the stopgap spending bill defers fights over items like the border wall until November.
  34. vision 2020
    White Evangelicals Are Still the Heart of Trump’s BaseYes, white Evangelical support varies modestly along with Trump’s overall standing, but it’s still his best demographic.
  35. national emergency declaration
    What to Expect When You’re Expecting a National EmergencyEverything you need to know about Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency to fund a southern border wall.
  36. national emergency declaration
    Trump to Sign Spending Bill, Declare National Emergency to Build the WallTrump avoids another shutdown and an admission of failure, but an emergency declaration over the wall could create a legal and political quagmire.
  37. government shutdown
    Congress Set to Pass Deal to Avoid Shutdown, But Trump Could Still Kill ItTrump has been noncommittal about signing the funding bill. It mostly represents his surrender, so he may just be pondering how to spin it.
  38. government shutdown
    Republicans May Block Efforts to Get Shutdown Back-Pay to Federal ContractorsA Democratic bill would provide back pay to low-wage contractors affected by the shutdown, but Trump and fellow Republicans oppose it.
  39. government shutdown
    Trump May Accept Defeat on Wall Funding and Claim He’ll Get His Money ElsewhereAs Congress denies him anything like the border-wall money he’s demanded, Trump may claim he’ll “plus up” the amount via executive action.
  40. government shutdown
    Congress Tentatively Agrees to Wall Funding Democrats First Proposed in DecemberOn Monday, negotiators put forward a $1.375 billion deal for wall funding — a number conspicuously close to what Democrats offered Trump last year.
  41. government shutdown
    Shutdown Negotiations Still Snagged As ICE Detention Policies Come to the ForeWith Trump headed to an El Paso rally amid mischaracterizations of what Democrats are demanding, another government shutdown is possible.
  42. border wall
    Trump Quietly Laying Groundwork for Massive Surrender on Border WallIf he accepts the kind of deal in the works right now, Trump will have been dealt an embarrassing defeat.
  43. border wall
    For Lack of Anything Better to Do, Congress Resumes Border NegotiationsWheeling and dealing on border-security appropriations are pointless unless Trump gets involved or decides to take matters into his own hands.
  44. state of the union address
    Trump to Democrats: Let’s Compromise — and Do It My Way!Another presidential address advertised as a bipartisan gesture turned out to be anything but that.
  45. state of the union address
    Abolish the State of the Union AddressRather than delivering a delayed address that won’t change anyone’s border wall stance, Trump should have seized the chance to end a dumb tradition.
  46. state of the union address
    Stacey Abrams’s State of the Union Response is a Golden OpportunityResponses to presidential State of the Union Addresses are often unmemorable, but Stacey Abrams has a chance to make a difference.
  47. government shutdown
    Trump Calls Border Wall Talks ‘Waste of Time,’ Suggests He’ll Act on His OwnThough GOP lawmakers wanted him to stay out of their negotiations, Trump announced he has no faith in their efforts to stave off another shutdown.
  48. border wall
    Dems Make Border Security Offer (With $0 for ‘the Wall’)Meanwhile, Trump says the border wall is already being built — and that his voters care less about it than people think.
  49. government shutdown
    Janitors, Cooks, and Other Contractors Are Still Fighting for Shutdown Back PayA bill to secure back pay for the lowest paid government workers has not won support from a single Republican.
  50. government shutdown
    Government Shutdown Will Cost the U.S. $3 Billion, CBO ProjectsIn alarming news for Trump, the budget office also predicts that economic growth will slow markedly in 2020.
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