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  1. coronavirus
    “When a Bear Is Charging at You, If You Are Not Energized, You Are Dead.”The bully governor meets his moment.
  2. policy
    Emails Shed Light on Amazon’s Cozy Relationship With the U.S. GovernmentAn Amazon executive advised the federal government on a lucrative online marketplace before the passage of a law that created it.
  3. Federal Employees Discuss the Ethics of Sticking It Out With Trump’s GovernmentStay in an attempt to influence a hostile administration, or go when your personal red line is crossed?
  4. What Does Cuomo’s MTA ‘State of Emergency’ Declaration Really Mean?It could strip away some of the red tape to help the MTA move faster. But it’s not a long-term solution.
  5. select all
    Trump Adds Government Tech Reform to List of Projects He’ll Never FinishThe American Technology Council will try to do … something.
  6. Governments Are Requesting Facebook User Data More and MoreNearly 18,000 requests from U.S. law enforcement.
  7. oops
    Super-Old Government Computers Make Pretty Easy Hacking TargetsThe OPM discusses the big data breach — and why federal employees’ information wasn’t encrypted.
  8. government
    Every Single Federal Employee HackedA government worker union says that the latest cyberattack against the U.S. was worse than originally reported. 
  9. DEA Agents Host Cartel-Funded Sex PartiesA Department of Justice report reveals how the government deals with allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. 
  10. the military
    More Military Sexual Assaults Were Reported This Year Than Ever BeforeWhy that’s a good thing.
  11. jack lew
    Jack Lew’s Terrible Signature Has Gotten a Little BetterWhat a travesty.
  12. Government Will Not Shut Down!Deal pulled off with 28 hours to spare.
  13. cable news
    Talk Box: Independents Are Just Waiting to Be TriangulatedCable news pundits examine the possibilities of the coming partisan standoff over extending unemployment benefits.