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  1. gossipmonger
    David Blaine’s Christmas Stunt Much More Heartwarming Than the UsualPlus, we prayed to the Christmas angel it’ll be a good, healthy year for Britney in 2009. In the merry little gossip roundup.
  2. governor awesome
    So David Paterson Goes to Iraq…No, that’s not the start of an old joke.
  3. governor awesome
    Hey Fred Armisen, Screw YouThat ‘SNL’ skit about Governor Paterson was just wrong, dude.
  4. governor awesome
    Governor Paterson Speaks Truth to PowerThis time, he’s talking about the presidency.
  5. governor awesome
    Paterson Possibly Not As Machiavellian As We AssumedUnless he knows something about Caroline Kennedy that we don’t.
  6. early and often
    Oh, NOW Everyone Wants to Hug Our Cuddle GuvNow that he gets to pick Hillary’s replacement, suddenly all these new people have noticed how adorable and snuggly he is!
  7. governor awesome
    Paterson’s Magic Carpet RideSmack in the middle of the state budget crisis, the guv dropped almost $40K on Turkish rugs. But maybe that’s okay?
  8. early and often
    Governor Skywalker Would Beat Darth Giuliani in State Race, Poll SaysBecause of his prescient attempts to stave off even worse budget deficits, Paterson is popular in New York City and with conservatives upstate.
  9. governor awesome
    Governor Paterson Discusses His Reelection PlansSurprise! He has them!
  10. governor awesome
    Eye of Sauron Steve Schmidt Swoops in David Paterson’s DirectionWhen the governor voiced concern that Sarah Palin’s (and Rudy Giuliani’s) carefully-scripted mockery of Barack Obama’s community-organizing past might have been planned for its racial associations, the McCain camp was quick to go on counterattack.
  11. governor awesome
    Paterson Makes Dracula Joke, Legislators Go for the JugularRepublican legislators are up in arms over a comment made by the lovable gov.
  12. governor awesome
    Paterson to Appear on ‘Colbert Report’ TonightWill Colbert make a blind joke? Will the lovable gov have a better one at the ready? We can’t wait!
  13. gossipmonger
    No One Listens to Adrian GrenierSeems the ‘Entourage’ actor is not as influential as Vincent Chase. Plus, funny tidbits about Keith Olbermann, Governor Awesome, and others in our New York gossip roundup.