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  1. encounter
    J. B. Pritzker Is a New Democratic Power BrokerThe governor of Illinois is rich and powerful, making him both an ally to Joe Biden and his own center of influence.
  2. 2022 midterms
    Governors Could Be Key to Trump’s Next Coup AttemptTrump allies are poised to win in several crucial 2022 races, and election-reform efforts may overlook the threat posed by a rogue governor.
  3. coronavirus
    A Hasty ‘Reopening’ Is Not a Good Political Move for GovernorsMost governors who followed Trump in quickly pushing to get rid of measures to stop the pandemic are also sharing his loss of popularity.
  4. vision 2020
    What Would a Democratic ‘Tsunami’ in November Look Like?A big Biden win would result in a takeover of the Senate and state legislature gains just in time for redistricting.
  5. vision 2020
    Poll: All 50 Governors Handling Coronavirus Better Than TrumpSome governors aren’t faring all that well with their citizens in COVID-19 management, but they’re all assessed more favorably than POTUS.
  6. last night on late night
    Let SNL’s Gretchen Whitmer Be Your ‘Smoke-Show Midwestern Governor’Daddy Cuomo has some new competition.
  7. vision 2020
    Why Are Governors Doing So Poorly in the 2020 Race?In reality, the governors-run-best assumption hasn’t been accurate for years. And many senators in the race have other things going for them.
  8. governors
    The Most Popular Governors in America Are Republicans in Blue StatesSome states are so strongly Democratic that Republicans let their governors do and say heretical things to stay in office.
  9. 2018 midterms
    Cindy Hyde-Smith Joins a Rare Club: Women Elected to High Office in the SouthMike Espy’s election would have been truly historic. But Cindy Hyde-Smith made some modest history of her own.
  10. 2018 midterms
    The 2018 Midterms Were a Solid Democratic Win, Not a Split DecisionInitial analysis dismissing the “blue wave” failed to take into account the Senate landscape, and late ballots that trended heavily Democratic.
  11. 2018 midterms
    All the Midterm Races That Remain UnresolvedThere are ten House races, two Senate races, and two gubernatorial races where there’s still doubt about who won.
  12. 2018 midterms
    11 Tight Governor’s Races Will Shape America’s Political LandscapeDemocrats will probably make overall gains, but there are an amazing eleven gubernatorial elections that are tossups.
  13. 2018 midterms
    Some of the Most Unpopular Governors in America Are Up for ReelectionSome unpopular governors, like Bruce Rauner, are looking mighty toasty. Others, like Scott Walker, are in close races.
  14. democratic women
    Women Have Won About Half of Major Democratic Primaries So Far This YearFinally, a wave of Democratic women running for and winning nominations for high office is producing something close to gender equity.
  15. Democrats Could Make Big Gains in Governor Seats in the MidtermsIn what might be the most overlooked category in midterm races, there’s lots of potential for a blue wave.
  16. The Midterms Could Have a Big Impact on RedistrictingA majority of governors and a sizable minority of legislators who will be drawing congressional lines for the next decade will be elected this year.
  17. The Wild Illinois Governor’s Race Shows Why the Midterms Remain UnpredictablePrimary challenges, like those on both sides of the Illinois contest, make it hard to handicap the 2018 gubernatorial landscape.
  18. Election Tracker: What’s in Play in the 2018 Governors’ RacesA breakdown of the 16 most competitive seats.
  19. Bipartisan Health Talks Are Dead — for NowThings were looking up for bipartisan health-care talks, until the GOP decided to try once more to repeal Obamacare. But someday reason may prevail.
  20. West Virginia’s Marginally Democratic Governor Flips to the GOPIn a surprise timed to coincide with a Trump appearance in his state, Jim Justice switched parties, giving the GOP 34 governorships — for the moment.
  21. There Aren’t Very Many Democratic Governors. That Could Change in 2018.With a lot of term-limited governors, the landscape for 2018 is unclear. But with more targets and a midterm breeze, Democrats should do better.
  22. Obamacare Repeal Really Bad News for States That Accepted the Medicaid ExpansionWith Trump and Ryan embracing sharp reductions in federal funding for Medicaid, states that accepted Obama’s Medicaid expansion could be in hot water.
  23. This Election Could Bring Big Democratic Gains Far From D.C.Partly because the shape of the electorate is more favorable, Democrats should win back some of the power they lost in the states in 2014.
  24. last-ditch fearmongering
    Vitter Campaign Goes All In on Refugee HysteriaTrailing badly, Vitter portrays his Democratic opponent as soft on Syrian orphans.
  25. hurricane sandy
    Washington Is Lousy With Aid-Seeking Governors This WeekAndrew Cuomo and Chris Christie are dropping by.
  26. health carnage
    If They Are Very Good, Obama Will Let States Out of the Health-Care MandateAs early as 2014!
  27. early and awesome
    New York’s Secret Purpose: Supplying the Rest of the States With GovernorsWhy are so many governors of other states born in New York?
  28. rudy
    Giuliani Won’t Run for Office Next YearNot governor. Not senator. Not anything.
  29. first lady awesome
    Michelle Paterson Is Our New Girl CrushShe’s so much more than cheap motel sex and gross fur coats!
  30. election hangover
    Joe Biden Still Has the Hots for Sarah PalinHe strayed from his prepared remarks at a governors conference today to beg her to hang out with him. Sort of.