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  1. health care
    Trump Says Everything Will Be Fine If Courts Kill ObamacareNobody understands why Trump is taking his party back down the Obamacare rabbit hole, or what he’d do if the courts killed it first.
  2. Conservatives Plan One More Obamacare Repeal Effort Before the Midterm WaveGOP congressional leaders have mostly packed it in for 2018. But conservatives, with White House support, may try one last time to repeal Obamacare.
  3. CHIP Extension Dangerously Delayed Past Expiration DateWhat should have been a no-brainer is getting complicated and dangerous for the 9 million kids and pregnant women covered by CHIP.
  4. Right-to-Lifers Look for a New Hostage for Their DemandsThe anti-abortion lobby is rejecting suggestions to wait until next year to defund Planned Parenthood. They want to put it in the tax bill right now.
  5. Trump Keeps Talking About a ‘Hospitalized’ Senator That Doesn’t ExistThe president’s imaginative excuse for the GOP’s inability to repeal Obamacare is fiction.
  6. The GOP’s Latest Attempt to Repeal Obamacare Won’t Even Get a VoteAfter a pretty depressing luncheon discussion, Senate Republicans decided they won’t humiliate themselves with a vote on the Graham-Cassidy bill.
  7. Collins Puts Graham-Cassidy Bill Out of Reach for GOPThe third GOP senator to come out definitively against the latest Obamacare repeal bill is her party’s most consistent voice on health care.
  8. Can the Senate Push Aside the Saturday Deadline for Graham-Cassidy?We’ve all assumed the GOP’s latest Obamacare repeal faces a hard deadline. Not so fast.
  9. the national interest
    GOP’s Two-Pronged Strategy to Pass Health Care: Deceit and Reckless SpeedThe willingness to blindly unleash sweeping and potentially catastrophic changes is a testament to an ongoing ideological mania.
  10. health care
    GOP Health Bill Now Includes More Blatant Bribes for Likely ‘No’ VotesThe new Graham-Cassidy is supposed to provide more money for Alaska and Maine, but policy experts say the Republicans’ math is wrong.
  11. Susan Collins Says It’s ‘Very Difficult’ to Imagine Supporting Graham-CassidyAnother bad sign for the bill’s prospects.
  12. Trump Gives Luther Strange a Boost — But Keeps the Focus on HimselfIn a typical Trump rhetorical effort, the president rambled through many boasts and gripes and whines, but probably did just enough for his candidate.
  13. McCain May Have Killed Zombie GOP Health-Care Bill — AgainWith his rejection of a GOP health-care bill due to its partisanship and the absence of a CBO score, McCain probably thwarted his party a second time.
  14. First Poll on Graham-Cassidy Shows It’s Unpopular, and the Worst Is Yet to ComeThe last-gasp GOP health-care bill is already unpopular, but just wait until the public learns about its real impact and the chaos it will unleash.
  15. No One Wants the Latest Trumpcare Bill — Except Right-Wing BillionairesAnd for at least 48 Republican senators, that seems to be enough.
  16. the national interest
    Republicans Threaten Alaska If Murkowski Turns Down Bribe“Why should the nation continue to send outsize taxpayer funds to a state that is single-handedly condemning Americans to ObamaCare?”
  17. health care
    Government’s Own Estimate Shows the GOP Health Bill Is a Disaster for AlaskaThe numbers undecided senator Lisa Murkowski wanted are in. They show Alaska losing 38 percent of its federal health funding by 2026.
  18. Will GOP Let Alaska Keep Obamacare If Its Senator Votes to Kill It Nationally?Republicans are again throwing money at Alaska to get Lisa Murkowski’s vote on a health-care bill. But this time, they may offer more than money.
  19. 15 Governors — Republicans All — Offer Cheers for Graham-CassidyCountering an earlier bipartisan governors’ letter opposing Graham-Cassidy, 15 GOP governors put on the party yoke.
  20. How Republicans Are Trying to Pass the Buck on Health CareThe Graham-Cassidy bill would reverse a long trend toward equality in health-care coverage and force hellish decisions on the states.
  21. 5 Years Later, States That Rejected Medicaid Expansion May Get Their RewardNineteen states rejected the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, mostly out of sheer ideological stubbornness. Graham-Cassidy rewards them with more money.
  22. Trump Tweets Confirm He Doesn’t Understand What’s in the GOP Health BillHe said he wouldn’t sign Graham-Cassidy if it didn’t cover people with preexisting conditions. In reality, it’s likely that it won’t.
  23. Anti-Abortion Lobby Helping Push Quick Approval of Graham-CassidyThe powerful right-to-life movement is threatening to hold tax cuts hostage if GOP doesn’t pass Graham-Cassidy with abortion restrictions intact.
  24. The GOP Is Trying to Buy Lisa Murkowski’s Vote on Obamacare RepealBut she has no reason to sell it … yet.
  25. Obama Blasts GOP’s ‘50th or 60th’ Attempt to Repeal the Affordable Care ActEach time Obama comments on efforts to “repeal and replace,” he sounds a little more annoyed.
  26. So Much for ‘Bipartisan’ Trump: He’s the Congressional GOP’s Best Friend AgainIn backing a partisan health-care bill and working to save McConnell’s candidate in Alabama, POTUS is back in harness with his congressional party.
  27. the national interest
    Senate Republicans Are Abdicating Their Governing ResponsibilityCan you imagine being accused of sponsoring a law that would hurt millions of people, and your response is “We have a deadline”?
  28. health care
    GOP Senators Refuse to Let Bipartisan Opposition Kill Obamacare-Repeal DreamThey’re forging ahead with Graham-Cassidy, though governors from both parties, various medical groups, and Jimmy Kimmel all say it’s a terrible bill.
  29. Bipartisan Health Talks Are Dead — for NowThings were looking up for bipartisan health-care talks, until the GOP decided to try once more to repeal Obamacare. But someday reason may prevail.
  30. GOP House Members From New York Won’t Happily Vote for Graham-Cassidy BillIf Graham-Cassidy clears the Senate, House Republicans will be forced into a take-it-or-leave-it situation, and some may really want to leave it.
  31. Senate to Hold Phony Graham-Cassidy Hearings So They Can Pretend to DeliberateJohn McCain is troubled by the Senate’s rushed consideration of health-care legislation. So the GOP is cooking up some bogus hearings for him.
  32. 4 Ways Graham-Cassidy Would Make the Health-Care System Far WorseFrom cutting protections for preexisting conditions to drastically reducing federal health-care spending.
  33. The Latest GOP Health-Care Scheme Fulfills an Old Conservative DreamFor eons, the GOP has talked about giving states control of Medicaid with reduced — or even eliminated — federal funding. The hour may have arrived.
  34. Last-Ditch Obamacare Repeal Effort May Get a VoteHere we go again, again.
  35. The GOP Is Throwing a Hail Mary on Obamacare RepealIt will require speed and stealth, cooperation from CBO, and a rubber-stamp House vote, but the Graham-Cassidy bill has a slim chance of becoming law.
  36. Hold On – Could the GOP’s Last-Ditch Effort to Kill Obamacare Actually Pass?Some health-care experts are sounding the alarm, but it still looks like a long shot.
  37. The Final Obamacare Repeal-and-Replace Scheme Is Headed for a DitchIt’s an underfunded version of an earlier plan to let states control health-care policy. But Graham-Cassidy is probably a bill whose time has passed.
  38. The GOP’s Latest Health-Care GambitThis last-gasp effort at a GOP-only bill mostly gives states the flexibility to cut health-care services, while threatening insurance-market chaos.