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Grand Jury

  1. early and often
    Georgia Grand Jury Investigating Trump Wants Perjury Charges for WitnessesIn excerpts of its final report, the jury found no evidence of 2020 election fraud, and many jurors think perjury was committed by some witnesses.
  2. MO Governor Indicted for Allegedly Taking Nude Blackmail Photo of Illicit LoverEric Greitens is in legal trouble for how he dealt with his former lover. But he’s also in danger of being impeached by his fellow Republicans.
  3. Mueller’s Grand Jury Means the Trump-Russia Probe Has Kicked Into High GearAny charges will take months to materialize, but impaneling a grand jury — which can issue subpoenas and compel witnesses to testify — is a big deal.
  4. Special Counsel Robert Mueller Impanels Grand Jury in Russia InvestigationIt’s a sign that his inquiry is growing in intensity.
  5. eric garner
    Judge Recuses Himself From Garner ProceedingsHis wife is on the board of the hospital whose EMTs responded to the incident.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Etan Patz Case Finally Goes to Grand JuryProsecutors are ready to play their hand.