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  1. stop the presses
    David Zaslav and Graydon Carter’s Cannes Buddy MovieWarner Bros. is a hundred years old, Hollywood is paralyzed by a strike, and the Dom Pérignon is flowing by the pool at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc.
  2. stop the presses
    Graydon Carter Hosts a Vanity Fair Ancien Régime ReunionAt Dana Brown’s book party for Dilettante, Carter came out as pro-union and said he wouldn’t have let Will Smith into his Oscars after-party.
  3. jeffrey epstein
    Jeffrey Epstein Used a Bullet, Dead Cat to Intimidate Graydon Carter: ReportA former Vanity Fair editor says Epstein placed a decapitated cat and a bullet outside Carter’s homes to pressure him to tell reporters to back off.
  4. wall street
    Graydon Carter Cheers Jamie Dimon’s Downfall, Introduces the ‘Carter Rule’It’s not as catchy as the Dimon Rule.
  5. party chat
    Vanity Fair Writer: ‘Graydon’s Better With the Women Than Tina Was’He remembers their names, for example.
  6. party chat
    Graydon Carter Doesn’t ‘Encourage’ Journalists to Cover War-Torn Middle EastThe ‘Vanity Fair’ editor remarks on one of his fallen photographers, Tim Hetherington.
  7. adult clubhouses
    Is Graydon Carter Trying to Buy Elaine’s?Restaurateur Ken Aretsky would be part of the deal.
  8. bromances
    Dave Zinczenko and Dan Abrams First Bonded Over Abrams’s ‘Ball Cancer’So romantic!
  9. party chat
    Graydon Carter: Editing Newsweek Would Be ‘A Completely Hopeless, Thankless Task’Ouch.
  10. editorial slavery
    So, What Really Happens After You Assist a Top Condé Nast Editor?We investigated.
  11. vanity projects
    Graydon Carter Eyes Museum Addition to His Principality of PoshThe ‘Vanity Fair’ editor hopes to move a photography museum to a lovely old building on the far West Side.
  12. neighborhood news
    Ugh, the Observer Is Trying to Make Midtown HappenAt the expense of downtown.
  13. cultural capital
    The View From Stephen Colbert’s WindowAn artist depicts the views prominent New Yorkers see every day.
  14. ink-stained wretches
    Tad Friend and Amanda Hesser Have a Surprising Amount of SexFirst Malcolm Gladwell, now this.
  15. gossipmonger
    Mayor Bloomberg Is a Lady Gaga FanThe mayor drops knowledge on MTV, John Mayer and Mischa Barton have dinner in the same room, Kanye West goes spinning, and more gossip as celebrities descend on New York Fashion Week.
  16. gossipmonger
    Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly, Engaged?Like the Yankees aren’t getting enough these days.
  17. ink-stained wretches
    McKinsey’s Second Visit to Si’s House Will Make Condé Less ‘Condé’We talked to an expert about what to expect from the consulting firm as it looks at the venerable magazine company.
  18. international intrigue
    When Tony Blair Thinks of Prince Charles, Mushrooms Come to MindThat, and more highlights from the former prime minister’s Q&A with Graydon Carter.
  19. ink-stained wretches
    Peter Kaplan at the Observer: An Oral HistoryFarewell to all that: The longtime editor of the salmon-colored weekly is remembered by his former writers.
  20. today in astor-ia
    Brooke Astor Failed to Recognize World’s Most Famous FaceThis is how the ‘Post’ knows her dementia was serious.
  21. gossipmonger
    Chace Crawford to Kick Off His Sunday ShoesThe ‘Gossip Girl’ actor will star in the upcoming remake of ‘Footloose.’ That, and the rest of today’s gossip.
  22. gossipmonger
    Natalie Portman Did Not Hook Up With Sean PennYou can all sleep again.
  23. things that make you go eeewww
    Graydon Carter Denies Being a Provider of ‘Pure Pleasure’Thank goodness.
  24. things that are gross
    Rupert Everett: Graydon Carter Is Great in the SackThat’s what the actor hears, anyway. Through hotel-room walls.
  25. scenes from a meltdown
    Greenwich Village High School Won’t Open Next YearThe educational brainchild of a handful of Waverly Inn types didn’t make nearly enough money to start admitting students.
  26. gossipmonger
    Let Ashley Olsen Be a Little Girl and Lick Her FingersShe’s getting flack for not washing her hands after the movies, but maybe she likes to lick the butter taste like us! Related: We wish we could’ve soothed the Cuddle Guv’s stage fright. In the I’m-Fried Day gossip roundup.
  27. gossipmonger
    Kirsten Dunst Trying Moderation ManagementIf you call vodka sodas till 3:30 a.m. moderation management, that is.
  28. bons mots
    What Are Your Buzzwords of 2009?Graydon Carter’s are ‘sophisticated, innovative and entitlement.’
  29. ink-stained wretches
    Party in Graydon Carter’s Hotel Room!The ‘Vanity Fair’ Oscar party has been downgraded this year.
  30. gossipmonger
    Elizabeth and John Edwards Living SeparatelyPlus, Graydon Carter shows astonishing humility and Mark Ronson tells a wacky tale … in today’s gossip roundup.
  31. gossipmonger
    Anti-Scientology People Are Going to Boo Katie Holmes Outside the Theater Next WeekAnd also Sarah Palin’s going to be on ‘SNL’ two weeks from Saturday. In the gossip roundup.
  32. ink-stained wretches
    Graydon Carter Steals From His SisterHe hired writer Michael Lewis away from sister publication ‘Portfolio.’
  33. ink-stained wretches
    Did Toby Young Plagiarize Passages From the ‘Times’ For ‘How to Lose Friends & Alienate People’?We found a few passages from Young’s book that bear a striking resemblance to sections from a 1996 John Tierney column.
  34. ink-stained wretches
    The Undead Celebrity Profile, Part VIIIIXIXIXIIXIIIn which we learn that ‘Vanity Fair’ editor and A-list obsessive Graydon Carter is ‘shy.’
  35. gossipmonger
    Leona Almost Left Her Money to Dogs AND Poor Kids, But Then Just Settled on DogsShe cut out poor tots at the last minute! What an excuse to make a B-word pun! And Martha Stewart can’t afford her stylist anymore! That, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  36. Slideshow: Welcome to Graydon’s CarteristanThe ‘Vanity Fair’ editor is secretly launching his own dictatorship right underneath our noses. He must be stopped!
  37. gossipmonger
    Diddy Will Taxi, But Mariah Won’t ScoopHe’s much more mature than Mariah, who left her dog poop in front of Cavalli. Learn which other celebs can act like grown-ups in today’s gossip roundup!
  38. ink-stained wretches
    Toby Young on the Difference Between New York and LondonIt involves blizzards. (Not the weather kind.)
  39. gossipmonger
    Alex Rodriguez Still Dating Cynthia Look-alikesPlus, everything else you need to know from today’s gossip columns.
  40. gossipmonger
    Cindy McCain Betrays BeerThe aspiring First Lady drinks sake at Tao. Plus, Seth Rogen claims ‘Pineapple Express’ isn’t a stoner movie, Bill Clinton has a secret meeting at the Russian Tea Room, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  41. gossipmonger
    Lydia Hearst and Aubrey O’Day Hop on the Faux-Lesbian TrainBut only for one night. Plus, Britney frolics with dolphins, and ‘Pineapple Express’ star James Franco frolics with the literati, in our daily gossip rundown.
  42. gossipmonger
    Arden Wohl Arrested for Defacing Ralph Lauren Hamptons StoreThe socialite was busted writing “Ralphy Lip shits” in lipstick on the outside of a boutique.
  43. gossipmonger
    Ivana Trump Defends Her Great, Semi-Absentee LovePlus, gossip about Graydon Carter, Chuck Schumer, and Sean Avery, in our daily column roundup.
  44. ink-stained wretches
    Hey, ‘Vanity Fair’: What’s Your Problem?So … yeah, we saw it. Your “Blogopticon.” Looks familiar.
  45. early and often
    Graydon Carter’s Response to Bill Clinton: ‘Meh’In a quick e-mail, the ‘Vanity Fair’ editor dismisses Bill Clinton and his camp’s complaints about the magazine’s new Clinton article.
  46. gossipmonger
    John Mayer Continues to Be the Salvation of Celebrity JournalismHe’s dancing on tables, he’s refusing hot blondes. Thank God, really. That and more in our daily gossip roundup.
  47. in other news
    Canada Is Laughingstock of Own PartyGawky, awkward Canada tries to woo cool New York friends with a big fancy party. We’ve heard this story before.
  48. party lines
    Our Night at the ASMEs: Sportier Than AnticipatedEditors, nerves, competition, and one aggressive former Met mingled at last night’s awards ceremony.
  49. gossipmonger
    Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen Indulge in Another Icky Husband-and-Wife PastimeAlso, Padma is dating a mogul, and Heidi Montag turned down the White House? Read more in our daily gossip roundup.
  50. party lines
    In Which Tom Wolfe Is Confused About PodcastsA literary hero flummoxes us for a moment when he asks, out of the blue, about one of today’s boring technological marvels
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