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Great Divorces

  1. great divorces
    Developer’s Divorce DashSome men say, “I want a divorce.” Others take alternate routes.
  2. things that are wrong
    Lady Chases Ex-Husband Down the Street While Post Films ItKim Shamsky is the Tricia Walsh-Smith of 2009.
  3. great divorces
    Lawyer for Long Island Kidney Wife Mentions the UnmentionablesNot only was her estranged husband parsimonious about donating his organ, he also did something weird with her underwear.
  4. the greatest show of our time
    Lily’s Real-Life Divorce Is Pretty UglyOn the bright side, Kelly Rutherford’s husband accuses her of putting ‘Gossip Girl’ before marriage. Yay, sister!
  5. great divorces
    Long Island Surgeon Suing for Kidney Is a ‘Wackadoo’Long Island surgeon Richard Batista wants $1.5 million or his kidney back. What’s so crazy about that?
  6. great divorces
    George David Spends $200K a WeekFine by us! Just keep doing what you’re doing, dude.
  7. great divorces
    Marie Douglas-David Spends $8,000 a Week on TravelTo where? Nowhere really she just likes to fly around spending her husband’s money.
  8. great divorces
    Blaine Trump Divorce Will Be a ‘Circus,’ Says SourceOh goody! Like with elephants and rides and everything?
  9. in other news
    ‘Hey There, I’m a Horny Dude, Spare Me the Philosophy and ‘Eff’ Me’And other niceties from the first installment of the Cook-Brinkley divorce trial.