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Great Escapes

  1. The Strangest Details From That Report on the Dannemora Prison EscapeShawshank ain’t got shit on me,” David Sweat announced during the escape.
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    Queens Bull Escapes to College, Gets Rescued by Jon StewartThe comedian’s war on runaway bullshit takes a surprising and heartwarming turn.
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    5 Arrests in C.A. Jailbreak, But Manhunt Goes OnAll of those taken into custody had gang connections, and the police say more arrests may be coming. 
  4. Queens Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Retires to Life of Leisure in New JerseyA happy ending.
  5. Guards Playing Solitaire As El Chapo EscapesThis does not sound suspicious at all. 
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    Ecuador Mulled Smuggling Julian Assange to Freedom via Bag, HelicopterInstead he’ll probably just wait out the statutes of limitations.
  7. Everything We Know About the New York Prison BreakDavid Sweat was shot and captured on Sunday, and Richard Matt was fatally shot on Friday. The manhunt is now over.