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Great Society

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    Biden Didn’t Have the Power or Luck to Become FDR or LBJBiden is trying to govern in an era totally unlike the 1930s or 1960s with little margin for error and a lot of nasty surprises. Give him a break.
  2. politics
    How Biden Could Bypass Republican State GovernmentsNo one since Johnson and Nixon has tried to direct federal dollars specifically to cities and counties in hostile states, but Biden may consider it.
  3. Paul Ryan’s Long Fight to Destroy the Welfare State Ends in DefeatAfter failing to repeal Obamacare and “reform” Medicaid, Ryan looked forward to more years of futility and decided to pack it in.
  4. No, the HOPE Scholarship Didn’t Kill Great Society LiberalismA provocative op-ed says Zell Miller’s and Bill Clinton’s embrace of merit-based scholarships showed their betrayal of liberalism. I beg to differ.
  5. GOP Assault on Medicaid Could Come Sooner Rather Than LaterTurning the Great Society program into a block grant could be part of Obamacare repeal.
  6. Under President Trump, Big Changes Are on the Way for America — and SoonWith Republicans controlling both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, a lot of reactionary legislation will probably be enacted very fast.