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Green Cards

  1. After NYC Attack, Trump Blasts New York Senator Over ImmigrationThe president accuses Chuck Schumer of trying to “import Europe’s problems” (i.e., nonwhite immigrants).
  2. travel ban
    Trump Administration Reverses Itself, Exempts Green-Card Holders From Travel BanIt now seems clear the Trump administration had no idea how the travel ban was supposed to apply to permanent residents.
  3. trainwrecks
    Priebus Says Green-Card Holders Exempt From Entry Ban, Contradicting White HouseCount the Trump administration among those who don’t seem to understand the president’s new executive order.
  4. other obamas
    Court Decides Obama’s Kenyan Uncle Can Stay HereHe’ll get a green card, not deported.
  5. company town
    Some People Would Pay Eliot Spitzer to Take His Clothes OffPlaygirl makes a tantalizing offer to the former governor, an inspector is charged in crane accident, and other tidbits in our daily roundup of media, finance, and law news.