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Greenwich Connecticut

  1. the greatest depression
    ‘Entry-Level’ Mansions Are Sitting Empty All Over ConnecticutNo one can get loans to live in them.
  2. the new normal
    Residents of Greenwich, Connecticut, Learn How to Settle for LessThe residents of the tony suburb to the north are forgoing Rolls Royces for more modest vehicles.
  3. the end of greenwich
    Christmas Won’t Come to Greenwich This YearThings get darker in the suburb to the north.
  4. the end of greenwich
    Greenwich Residents Forced to Sell Heirlooms Off the Side of the Highway“They show up dressed very fancy, maybe wearing their Rolexes,” but their starving bodies and hollow eyes reveal their desperation — to be on television.
  5. the end of greenwich
    Thousands of Creepy, Disgusting Bugs on the Loose in GreenwichRelative poverty has driven officials in the bedroom community to the north to do crazy things.
  6. the cycle of life
    WSJ: Nothing Gold Can Stay’The Wall Street Journal’ gets oddly reflective in a real-estate story.
  7. gather ye rosebuds
    Greenwich Attempts to Stave Off ‘Inevitable’ DecayLike an aging trophy wife, the land of hedge funds is trying to keep up appearances.
  8. the fabulous noels
    Andrés Piedrahita Considers Himself a Victim of Bernie Madoff, TooAlso, he wants to give all the money back to everyone.
  9. the greatest depression
    Monster Weeds Overtake Hedges of Greenwich“This is the enemy of the year.”
  10. equal rites
    At Greenwich Weddings, Gay Couples Cry More Than Straight OnesThis is why we need the ‘Times’ to survive, to tell us things we never could have even guessed at.
  11. ballsy crimes
    Madoff MadnessAll of Greenwich is on suicide watch because of Bernie Madoff, according to the ‘Post.’
  12. There Goes GreenwichOnce infested with wealthy hedge funders, Greenwich, Connecticut, is now infested with an entirely different species.
  13. cultural capital
    Developer Mark Mariani Shows Off His Own Personal WaldenThe New Yorker treats us to a surreal tour of the land of hedge funds.
  14. in other news
    Billionaire Driven Out of Greenwich Because of Size DiscriminationAll Valery Kogan wanted was 26 toilets, eight bedrooms, a gym, a home theater, a wine cellar, a game room, a billiard room, twelve-car parking, and Turkish and Finnish bathing facilities. Is that so wrong?
  15. in other news
    Greenwich Police Chief Disappointed That Real Police Work Not Like TVAndrew Kissel, the real-estate developer who was found tied up and stabbed to death two years ago in his Greenwich, Connecticut, home after being found guilty of fraud, probably hired his driver to kill him. Yeah. It’s actually a really dramatic, juicy story, but Greenwich detective chief David Ridberg can’t tell us about it, even though he’s dying to. But he can tell us about his TV-watching habits.