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Greg Abbott

  1. what we know
    What’s Going On With the U.S.-Texas Border Standoff?The state’s leaders are now defying the White House and the Supreme Court. Here’s what we know.
  2. just asking questions
    Can Eric Adams Stop Texas From Sending Migrants to New York?Immigration expert Aaron Reichlin-Melnick on the feasibility of the mayor’s long-shot legal strategy.
  3. politics
    The Eric Adams–Greg Abbott Feud Continues to EscalateEric Adams is now suing Texas bus companies — his latest tack to stem the flow of migrants Abbott is sending to New York.
  4. the right
    Daniel Perry Is a Vigilante With FriendsA proposed pardon for the murder of a protester is part of a movement that embraces violence against its enemies.
  5. early and often
    Rural Republicans Revolt Against School-Voucher PlansIn two big red states, liberals aren’t the only ones against starving public schools to subsidize parents who have already abandoned the system.
  6. politics
    Over 100 Migrants Were Sent to Kamala Harris’s House on ChristmasLocal volunteers say they came from Texas, apparently at Governor Greg Abbott’s direction.
  7. texas school shooting
    Beto O’Rourke Confronts Greg Abbott Over Shooting: ‘This Is on You!’The Democratic candidate for governor interrupted a press conference about the elementary-school shooting before he was pulled away by security.
  8. politics
    The GOP’s Voter-Suppression Campaign in Texas Is Going Very WellRepublican efforts to make voting by mail more difficult resulted in thousands more ballots being thrown out than in prior elections.
  9. politics
    Matthew McConaughey’s Next Role Won’t Be Texas GovernorThe actor announced that he will not be running for governor of his home state after all.
  10. 2022 midterms
    Beto O’Rourke Is Running for Governor in TexasThe former Democratic phenom must overcome past questions to challenge a strong but vulnerable Republican incumbent in a red state turning purple.
  11. politics
    Audit Fever Is Now Spreading to States Trump Easily WonTrump supporters are skeptical about the integrity of our elections, and they’re starting to devour their own.
  12. arizona audit
    Arizona Audit Aftermath Shows Trump Conspiracy Theories Will Go On ForeverYes, the recount in Arizona showed Biden’s lead actually increasing, but there’s always another rabbit hole for MAGA folks to explore.
  13. voting rights
    Texas Republicans Pass Long-Delayed Voter-Suppression BillDemocrats fled the legislature and even the state to thwart a Republican bill aimed at minority voters, but couldn’t stop it forever.
  14. covid-19
    Biden Leaps Into Fight With Republican Governors Over School Mask MandatesThough the dispute will wind up in court, the administration is using some creative ideas to stop GOP leaders from blocking mask mandates.
  15. voting rights
    Texas Republicans Issue Arrest Warrants for Dems Who FledThis is probably not going to end well for the Democrats, legislatively speaking.
  16. politics
    Matthew McConaughey Says He’s Considering a Run for Texas GovernorMatthew McConaughey called a run for Texas governor a “true consideration” in a recent interview. The actor’s party affiliation is unclear.
  17. the national interest
    Neanderthals Were Smarter Than Anti-Mask RepublicansThe right is angry, but Biden was probably too kind to Greg Abbott.
  18. texas
    What Texas Governor Greg Abbott Gets Wrong About His State’s Power FailuresAbbott claimed that cold-related blackouts were a portent of the Green New Deal, though they were mostly caused by frozen natural gas pipelines.
  19. vision 2020
    Texas Governor Orders Ballot Drop-off Locations Closed Across StateGreg Abbott seems to want to make it more difficult for Democrats to vote on the eve of a competitive election.
  20. coronavirus
    Texas Governor Rolls Back Reopening Plans As Coronavirus Cases SurgeCoronavirus hospitalizations in Texas have increased every day for the past two weeks and the state’s positive test rate is approaching 12 percent.
  21. vision 2020
    Texas Republicans Holding in-Person Convention in a Coronavirus Hot SpotIf things go wrong in Houston, it could be an omen for the packed hall Trump is insisting on for his convention in Jacksonville.
  22. republican national convention
    Republicans Relocate Convention, Seeking Freedom From Coronavirus PrecautionsTurns out Trump wasn’t bluffing about ditching North Carolina, but it’s unclear where he can have the unrestricted convention of his dreams.
  23. coronavirus
    Will Republican Governors Follow Trump’s Lead on Coronavirus Lockdowns?Trump is currently listening to public-health experts on stopping the spread of COVID-19. But GOP governors on the front lines need to follow suit.
  24. Texas Governor Posts False Winston Churchill Quote About AntifaWe shall fight them on the Twitter, we shall fight them on the message boards …
  25. Texas Primary Roundup: Democratic Turnout Shows Progress, But No RevolutionMany contests won’t be resolved until a May runoff, but some upsets enlivened 2018’s first statewide election.
  26. early and awkward
    Wendy Davis Should Have Left Her Opponent’s Wheelchair Out of Her Attack Ad Not a good look. 
  27. early and awkward
    Texas Bro Figured ‘Boats ’N Hoes’ Was a Good Name for a PACA PAC with ties to Wendy Davis’s opponent.
  28. oh texas
    Texas Now Welcoming New York Gun OwnersFeel free to move south.