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Greg Ball

  1. boston bombing
    New York Lawmaker Defends Torture, Refuses to Stop Being a JerkOn Piers Morgan.
  2. puppies!!!!!!
    Assemblyman Steve Katz Dogged by Two Canine-Related ArrestsWoof.
  3. equal rites
    Republican State Senator Greg Ball a ‘No’ on Marriage Equality, But Expects a Vote Tonight and a PassThere are still three undecideds, as tentative as they are.
  4. equal rites
    State Senate ‘Close’ to Final Language on Religious Protections in Marriage-Equality Bill [Updated]Republican senator: “I see it coming to the floor.”
  5. equal rites
    New York State Senator Asks Twitter for Help With Gay-Marriage VoteTwitter is on the side of the gays.
  6. crazy town
    Intimidation Gets WeirderAn assemblyman is threatened with a dead goat.