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  1. stand clear of the closing doors
    Thing Vaguely Resembling Grenade Shuts Down Subway, Turns Out to Not Be GrenadeAs usual.
  2. bad jokes
    David Petraeus’s Friend Sent Him a Fake GrenadeHis office was evacuated.
  3. if you see something say something
    Please Don’t Leave Your Fake Grenades Lying AroundThey’re very disruptive.
  4. airport security
    Paperweight Causes Grenade Scare at JFKMaybe leave that paperweight at home next time?
  5. breaking
    World Financial Center Evacuated Due to Suspicious Package [Updated]It was a toy grenade.
  6. neighborhood news
    What Is It With All These Grenades in the News?Spring’s hottest accessory is a military-grade explosive.