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  1. gridlock
    Drivers Were Stranded on I-95 for Almost a Full DayA snowstorm left hundreds of motorists, including Senator Tim Kaine, stuck in their cars overnight and into Tuesday afternoon.
  2. gridlock
    Today’s Gridlock Is Like a 19th-Century NightmareWe’re experiencing the instability and close partisan competition of the Gilded Age along with the big differences and fury of the 1850s.
  3. 2020 elections
    Democrats Didn’t Have As Bad an Election As You Might ThinkThe conventional wisdom is that Biden won but his party “lost” the battle for the House and the Senate. That’s not really true.
  4. politics
    Washington’s Partisan Squabbling Isn’t Actually ‘Petty’The two parties are divided on many matters of fundamental principle that will only be resolved when one or the other gains the power to govern.
  5. Why Rural America Controls the Debates Over Guns and ImmigrationOur constitutional system gives disproportionate influence to the nonmetro areas that control the party controlling Washington.
  6. The Trump-Democratic Fiscal Deal Puts The Lid Back On A Boiling PotTrump’s fiscal deal with Democrats really just put off a manufactured crisis. The problems the GOP faces in enacting a tax bill haven’t gone away.
  7. Where Would We Be Politically If Hillary Clinton Had Won?D.C. might still be revolving around legislative gridlock and investigations. But the electoral landscape would be very different.
  8. Donald Trump Has Turned Republican Voters Against Paul RyanRyan’s favorability with Republicans has fallen 28 points in one week, into negative territory. That does not bode well for American politics in 2017.
  9. Will Republican Voters Help Usher in an Imperial Clinton Presidency?The campaign to promote split-ticket voting to “restrain” Hillary Clinton could produce more gridlock and then, inevitably, expanded executive powers.
  10. Some ‘Rigging’ Is Necessary to Make Our Political System WorkA government needs some rule-bending to get anything done at all.
  11. The No-Mandate ElectionBecause members of both parties will be full of excuses if they lose, this year’s election probably won’t resolve a lot. 
  12. the coming econopocalypse
    What Does It Mean That the S&P Downgraded the U.S. Credit Outlook to Negative?Is the S&P “simply blowing it again”?
  13. early and often
    Obama Admits That He Gets ‘Discouraged’ SometimesHe admits to ‘60 Minutes’ that fixing the economy is hard!
  14. cable news
    Talk Box: It’s Already Over for Democrats (on Cable News)Plus, the Washington ‘Post”s Eugene Robinson and Keith Olbermann see gridlock as a political “wet dream” for Barack Obama.