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  1. ‘Pooperintendent’ Found Defecating on New Jersey High School TrackAfter finding human feces on the track nearly every day, school officials discovered that the local schools superintendent was leaving it behind.
  2. gross things
    Alabamians Are Sick of New York’s CrapNew York City is cutting ties with a Birmingham-area landfill after local outcry over the smell of their imported Gotham sewage.
  3. gross things
    Trump Blames Florida School Shooting on Russia Investigation“It always has to be about you,” one student responded, “how silly of me to forget.”
  4. gross things
    Penn Station’s Latest Addition: A Sewage WaterfallFetid water fell from the ceiling of the LIRR Concourse for hours on Wednesday.
  5. gross things
    Beijing Celebrates U.N. Climate Talks by Issuing First-Ever Pollution Red AlertMaybe just stay inside tomorrow?
  6. awful things
    Jared Fogle Gets More Than 15 Years in PrisonThe former Subway pitchman told the courtroom that he owes “a huge apology to the people who supported me and my positive messages the last 15 years.”
  7. sext scandals
    Secret Service Officer Arrested After SextingHe is obviously no longer employed at the White House — which happens to be where he sent some of his disgusting messages from.
  8. NYPD Sergeant Throws Semen on His CrushEwww.
  9. school daze
    Washington Heights School’s Bathrooms Are BadThat might not even be the worst part of this story.
  10. gross things
    ‘Strange,’ Vomit-Inducing Odor Grounds U.S. Airways FlightThe source of the smell has yet to be identified.
  11. bill de blasio’s new york
    NYC Rats Are Even More Disgusting Than We ThoughtScientists tested 133 of them and found 18 unknown viruses.
  12. gross things
    Someone Smeared Poop All Over a Bunch of Citi Bikes Gross.
  13. stand clear of the closing doors
    It’s Time for Your End-of-Summer Bedbug UpdateThey’re still all over the subway.
  14. stand clear of the closing doors
    This Dude Exposed Himself to a Woman on the E TrainThe woman took a (safe-for-work) photo.
  15. gross things
    Upstate Road Covered With Smelly Mystery MeatA truly gross situation. 
  16. gross things
    Good Day New York Anchor Refuses to Stop Ogling His Co-Worker On-AirIt’s Ray Kelly’s son, Greg. 
  17. oh rats
    New York City Humans to Recommence War on RatsA battle as old as time. 
  18. vermin!
    New York City’s Bedbug Numbers Are Way DownGood job, everyone.
  19. gross things
    Congressman Joe Garcia Claims He Didn’t Eat Earwax on Live TelevisionLet’s all spend more time contemplating the things this congressman sloughs off his body.
  20. florida man
    Congressman Joe Garcia Picks Ear, Eats It on Live TVSometimes the American public needs to see things that make them uncomfortable.
  21. horrible racists
    Now Donald Sterling Says He Was Only Being Racist to Get Laid“I’m trying to have sex with her,” he says. “I was jealous.”
  22. gross things
    Man Arrested for Taking Up-Skirt Video in Union Square Subway StationHave a vigilant spring, ladies.
  23. photo op
    Park Adorned With Decapitated Chickens, Just in Time for SpringNew season, new creepy dead animal.
  24. stand clear of the closing doors
    Study: The Subway Is Filthy, Getting Filthier Apparently, the D train is the worst.
  25. gross things
    NYPD Sergeant Accused of All Types of Sexual Harassment Against Fellow CopA revolting new lawsuit.
  26. new york’s finest
    Cop Allegedly Demanded Money, Sex, and Panties From Female RecruitsYuck.
  27. gross things
    Salad Contains Head of Lettuce, LizardA Manhattan woman spotted an eye in her lunch.
  28. gross things
    George Zimmerman Was the Celebrity Guest at a Florida Gun ShowHe even signed autographs.
  29. gross things
    Brooklyn Dentist Sues ‘Flushable’ Wipe Companies for Clogging His PipesSeriously, don’t flush those things.
  30. oh albany!
    Upstate Politician Definitely Disgusting Although he denies sexually harassing his staff, the evidence against Dennis Gabryszak is gross.
  31. gross things
    There’s a Man Sexually Harassing Women With Swiss Cheese in PhiladelphiaHe’s currently known as the “Swiss Cheese Pervert.”
  32. ew
    Can You Spot What’s Dead and Disgusting in This Pret a Manger Salad?A camouflaged visitor.
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    Long Island Photographer Busted for Bathroom CameraGross.
  34. Bill Clinton Seems to Have Made a ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ Reference on TwitterGross. 
  35. gross things
    Your Fancy Butt Wipes Are Ruining EverythingYes, you.
  36. gross things
    Sometimes You Just Need to Masturbate While Driving a Bus Full of PeopleApparently.
  37. Manhattan Gym Sued for Slippery Semen FloorA man broke his shoulder.
  38. gross things
    Canoeing on the Gowanus Canal Is Just As Gross As You ThinkThere is still work to be done there.
  39. parks and recreaton
    NYC Parks Department Sounds Like a Gross Frat HouseSexual harassment allegations run rampant.
  40. oh albany!
    Gross Assemblyman Vito Lopez Can’t Resign Fast EnoughHe’s still running for City Council, as well.
  41. gross things
    Hamptons Landlords Suing Over Reality-Show Semen StainsAmong other things.
  42. crimes and misdemeanors
    Tale of NYPD Officer Caught Spying on ‘Neighbor’ Gets CreepierShe’s actually his stepdaughter.
  43. ew
    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Chat Logs: Vegetarian Women ‘Taste Like Tasty Goat’This stuff is still coming.
  44. hurricane sandy
    ‘Partially Treated’ Waste Continues Pouring Into New York Harbor After SandyBillions of gallons of dirty water are still coming from New Jersey.
  45. this is ivy league
    Amateur Porn Star Crashes Cornell LibrariesA woman has hit both the law and engineering libraries to make dirty videos.
  46. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rikers Island Officers Apparently Have Sex With One AnotherBut a new lawsuit charges that only the women suffer for it.
  47. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Hipster Accused of Taking Subway Upskirt Video in BrooklynThe musician and illustrator has been charged with unlawful surveillance.
  48. gross things
    Urologist Charged With Being a Subway PervertUnfortunate.
  49. conspiracy theories
    We’re Supposed to Believe the New East River Monster Is Just a Pig?The city says one thing, but our gut says another.
  50. gross things
    This Summer’s Montauk Monster Look-alike Has LandedYep, still gross.
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