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  1. North Korea: Missile Launch Was a ‘Prelude’ to a Guam AttackPresident Trump responded to the threat by saying the era of diplomacy with North Korea is over.
  2. Trump Tries Diplomacy Over Bluster in Calls With China, Guam About North KoreaTrump also suggested that Guam’s tourism industry will reap a benefit from the crisis.
  3. tips for surviving nuclear war
    Guam Warns Not to Look at ‘Flash or Fireball’ During Nuclear AttackThe territory’s Department of Homeland Security is prepping citizens in case North Korea strikes, as Trump refuses to back down on his own threats.
  4. foreign policy
    What Does North Korea Hope to Gain by Threatening Guam?Kim Jong-un might not care about wiping the tiny U.S. territory off the map, but he does want Americans to think he could.
  5. North Korean Military Threatens to Attack GuamTensions are ramping up on the Korean peninsula.
  6. equal rites
    Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Legal in Guam It’s the first U.S. territory to allow gay marriage.
  7. odd things
    Thousands of Parachuting Mice Not Nearly As Adorable As It SoundsBecause they were dead.
  8. Romney Silences Doubters With Crushing Victory in Tiny Western Pacific IslandsGuam and the Northern Marianas. 
  9. early and often on the other side of the world
    Guam Not Looking Great for Rick SantorumWe are declaring Mitt Romney a favorite to win Guam.
  10. early and awkward
    Guam Isn’t So Funny Anymore, Is It, Rick Santorum?Now that he needs their delegates, Rick Santorum has apologized to Guam for a Guam joke.