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  1. Pentagon Has Plan to Close Gitmo; Congress Probably Still Won’t Go for ItThe Department of Defense is reportedly giving the proposal to Congress Tuesday, but it would require bringing some detainees to U.S. soil. 
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    5 Guantánamo Detainees Transferred to United Arab EmiratesThe prisoner population is now 107.
  3. Congress Passes Bill That Might Make It Even Harder to Close GuantanamoPresident Obama will probably sign it. 
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    Last British Guantánamo Prisoner Freed After More Than 13 YearsShaker Aamer was never charged with a crime.
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    Report Highlights All the Unknowns About CIA Torture That Still RemainAnd the Senate debates banning torture once and for all.
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    Five Prisoners Released From GuantánamoThey’ll be resettled in Kazahkstan. 
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    Navy Nurse Refuses to Force-Feed Guantánamo DetaineesHe’s the first service member to rebel against the controversial policy.
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    U.S. Releases Two Guantánamo Detainees, Though They’d Rather StayThey fear persecution in Algeria.
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    Guantanamo’s Reported Love for Fifty Shades Is Just a Dumb JokeOr maybe worse.
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    Lawyer Says Guantanamo’s Secret ‘Camp 7’ Violates Geneva ConventionIt’s so top secret that he can’t say why.
  11. Guantánamo Prisoners Love Fifty ShadesEven more than the Koran?
  12. Military Court Upholds Life Sentence for Al Qaeda’s Propaganda ChiefIt’s only the second time the court has reviewed a Gitmo conviction.
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    Leaked Gitmo Files Reveal Prisoners’ Threat Level Based on Flawed EvidenceIn many cases, prisoners were innocent. In others, released detainees went on to terrorize again.
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    9/11 Suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Will Get a Military Trial in Gitmo [Updated]Rather than a civilian trial at federal court in Manhattan.
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    Closing Guantanamo About to Get TougherObama’s plan to close Guantanamo is in worse shape than before.
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    Can Obama’s Executive Order on Guantánamo Stand Up Against Congress?One too many “indefinitelys.”