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Gulf Coast

  1. hurricane ida
    Some Power Restored in New Orleans: UpdatesOutages remain widespread, and Governor John Bel Edwards told those who evacuated not to “come home before.”
  2. harvey
    The Environmental Fallout of Hurricane HarveyWhat happens when a dangerous storm hits America’s “Chemical Coast.”
  3. cleaning up
    BP Completes Relief Well, Now on to ‘Bottom Kill’BP sensors detect that the relief well has connected with the original Macando well 18,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf.
  4. cleaning up
    Multiple Choice Photo: (A) Gravel Road or (B) Enormous Fish Kill in the Gulf?Guess which?
  5. cleaning up
    You Know What They Say About People Who Like to Start FiresAnother week, another fire.
  6. cleaning up
    Louisiana’s Shrimp & Petroleum Festival Doesn’t See What All the Fuss Is AboutCelebrating Louisiana’s harvest since 1967.
  7. cleaning up
    Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf of Mexico [Updated]Yes, this is happening again.
  8. photo op
    Obama and Sasha Swim Near the GulfIt’s safe to go back in the water, apparently.
  9. vacations
    The Obamas Plan A Trip To The GulfThis vacation should prove less controversial.
  10. cleaning up
    Obama: ‘Best Way to Help’ Is Visit Gulf and SpendThey’ve got beaches.