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Gulf Of Mexico

  1. bp oil spill
    BP Cleanup Workers Report Mysterious IllnessesSimilar symptoms have been seen among responders to the Exxon Valdez spill.
  2. bp oil spill
    BP Wants to Resume Drilling in the GulfBut “it’s not a yes yet.”
  3. cleaning up
    BP Could Face Manslaughter Charges for Deepwater Horizon DeathsBut don’t worry, the executives are still safe.
  4. cleaning up
    BP Is Back to Being ProfitableHeckuva third quarter, BP!
  5. cleaning up
    BP Completes Relief Well, Now on to ‘Bottom Kill’BP sensors detect that the relief well has connected with the original Macando well 18,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf.
  6. cleaning up
    You Know What They Say About People Who Like to Start FiresAnother week, another fire.
  7. cleaning up
    Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf of Mexico [Updated]Yes, this is happening again.
  8. oil spill
    Oil Possibly Found Farther East and Deeper Down Than SuspectedAt levels toxic to underwater organisms.
  9. cleaning up
    Oil Has Apparently Stopped Gushing Into the Gulf“I am very excited,” BP senior vice-president said, “but I don’t want to create a false sense of excitement.”
  10. cleaning up
    BP to Remove Pipe Cap As Early As SaturdayThey’ll replace it with a better cap … three days later.
  11. inclement weather
    Hurricanes Starting Early in Gulf of Mexico This YearCongratulations, Gulf!
  12. cleaning up
    Tropical Storm Alex May or May Not Disrupt the BP CleanupThe Coast Guard is keeping his fingers crossed, but hedging his bets.
  13. cleaning up
    Last-Ditch Deepwater Oil-Spill Guards Poorly Tested, Frequently IneffectiveA ‘Times’ investigation looks into the failed “blind shear.”
  14. bp
    BP Doc: A Lot More Oil Than Previously Estimated Could Be LeakingUp to 4 million gallons a day, in fact.
  15. cleaning up
    Underwater Plumes of Oil Stretching 50 Miles From WellAn invisible danger!
  16. cleaning up
    Spill Cap Has Started Collecting Some, But Not Much, OilThe cap is capturing only about 1,000 barrels of the 20,000 barrels the earth is ejecting each day.
  17. cleaning up
    Oil-Spill Pipe Successfully SnippedThis is a “significant step” forward, according to the Coast Guard.
  18. science
    Bill Nye the Science Guy Explains How the ‘Top Kill’ Is WorkingUsing cornstarch, of course.
  19. cleaning up
    This Is What 210,000 Gallons of Oil a Day Rocketing Out of an Undersea Geyser Looks LikeWe guess we didn’t know what to expect.