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Gun Reform

  1. early and often
    10 GOP Senators Endorse Bipartisan Framework for New Gun-Safety ReformsThe measures are modest but would still represent the most meaningful reforms in decades — and it looks like they might really happen.
  2. gun control
    Congress to Fund Gun-Violence Research for First Time in DecadesDemocrats will secure $25 million in funding for gun-violence research at the CDC and NIH after over two decades of GOP stonewalling on the issue.
  3. democratic debates
    Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke Spar on Assault-Weapon BuybacksAfter the candidates argued over the efficacy of O’Rourke’s proposal, Julián Castro added a strong closer: “Police violence is also gun violence.”
  4. gun reform
    Trump Is Already Backing Away From Doing Anything About GunsAfter a brief window during which he seemed interested in doing something serious to curb mass shootings, he has retreated to NRA talking points.
  5. gun reform
    Trump Is ‘Convinced’ McConnell Will Move on Gun Reform. His Aides Say He Won’t.Despite GOP senators’ private opposition to background checks, Trump thinks that Republicans are ready to act after August’s mass shootings.
  6. chris cuomo
    Trump’s Chris Cuomo Jab Appears to Make Light of ‘Red Flag’ LawsMaybe America’s troll-in-chief needs a mandatory waiting period for his jokes.
  7. Rhode Island Becomes Latest State to Pass New Gun-Reform LawsThe state banned bump stocks and set up a process to seize firearms from those deemed a risk.
  8. New Jersey Will Issue Reports on Out-of-State GunsThe unusual move comes amid the prospect of major gun legislation.
  9. New York Law Mandates That Domestic Abusers Turn Over GunsAnother sign that states are getting tougher on firearms after the Parkland mass shooting.
  10. Two New Polls Show Widespread Support for Stricter Gun LawsThe same surveys show President Trump dipping in popularity.
  11. ‘Gun Control’ Has Outlived Its UsefulnessLiberals should pay more attention to the language around firearm restrictions.