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Gun Rights

  1. politics
    When Domestic-Violence Prevention Collides With the Religion of GunsThe lapsed Violence Against Women Act once enjoyed strong bipartisan support. Now many GOP lawmakers oppose it because of a new minor gun restriction.
  2. politics
    Could the Atlanta Spa Shootings Break Congress’s Gun-Control Impasse?The Georgia killings add fresh urgency to two gun bills that just passed in the House, but the GOP Senate filibuster still stands in the way.
  3. supreme court
    John Paul Stevens and the Legacy of Liberal Republican JudgesStevens’s long career on the Court as the Republican-appointed leader of its liberal wing remains a cautionary tale for conservatives.
  4. Trump Administration Gave 500,000 Fugitives the Right to Buy GunsBlue lives matter to this White House — but ensuring that people with outstanding arrest warrants can still purchase assault weapons matters more.
  5. Gun Control Is More Like Abortion Than Gay MarriageMillennials don’t necessarily have a more liberal view of it than older generations.
  6. New NRA Ad: Only Trump Will Allow Women to Carry Guns“Every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun, as she chooses. Hillary Clinton disagrees,” a woman says in the NRA’s $6.5 million ad buy.
  7. In Missouri, People No Longer Need a Permit to Carry a Concealed FirearmState Republicans overrode a gubernatorial veto to pass the gun law.
  8. gun control
    Court Rules Second Amendment Doesn’t Guarantee Right to Carry Concealed WeaponsThe ruling upheld a California law requiring applicants to show “good cause” for needing to carry a gun.
  9. gun control
    Target Asks Customers to Please Leave Guns at HomeApparently firearms aren’t “family friendly.”
  10. stunts
    Texas Gun Rally Will Re-Arm the AlamoMore than 1,000 are expected to show.
  11. skeetergate
    Obama Skeet Shooting Photo Conspiracy TheoriesA lot of people aren’t buying it.