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  1. Every Gun Policy President Trump Has ProposedSince Parkland, Trump has been musing about various policies to combat gun violence. Here’s every idea he’s endorsed, and what he might actually do.
  2. Trump’s Minor Gun Actions Are Probably All Congress Will AllowThe White House is rolling out tweaks to existing laws, but Republicans in Congress appear resistant to even the mildest gun-control measures.
  3. Activists Seek to Keep Gun-Safety Movement Student-LedGun-control groups and celebrities are offering assistance, but trying not to taint the teens’ grassroots campaign.
  4. Every Brutal Marco Rubio Exchange From the CNN Town Hall on Gun ViolenceWhile they gave him credit for showing up, Parkland survivors took apart his talking points on banning assault weapons and accepting NRA money.
  5. Why ‘Red Flag Laws’ Are Gaining Bipartisan Support After ParklandGun-violence restraining orders offer a way to temporarily disarm the mentally ill, based on the concerns of family members and law enforcement.
  6. Could Trump Actually Shift the Gun Debate?He may be uniquely positioned to do so, but his erratic response to the Parkland shooting suggests gun-control advocates should focus elsewhere.
  7. As Florida Shooting Survivors Beg for Action, Trump Opts to Lie LowAs with the Rob Porter scandal, it appears his goal is to stay out of the spotlight and wait until the controversy blows over.
  8. People Reported the Florida Shooter, Like Trump Asked. He Still Got a Gun.School officials, police, and even the FBI received repeated warnings about Nikolas Cruz, but they couldn’t legally prevent him from buying firearms.
  9. Every Attempt to Change Gun Laws Under TrumpTrump and other GOP lawmakers have worked to loosen gun restrictions, and the few bipartisan efforts to address mass shootings have stalled.
  10. At Least 17 Dead in Florida School ShootingThe suspect, reported to be a former student, is in police custody.
  11. 17 Dead in Florida School Shooting, Former Student in Police CustodyThe suspect, a former student, is in police custody.
  12. The White and Black Murder Rates Are Both Rising, But for Different ReasonsA prominent criminologist believes in the “Ferguson effect” — just not the one you’ve probably heard of.
  13. At Least 4 Dead in Northern California Shooting RampageA gunman drove around a quiet country neighborhood shooting strangers at random, and firing into an elementary school.
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    Congress Can’t Agree on Guns, But They Can Do More to Keep Firearms From AbusersBipartisan efforts to address the mistake that let the Texas shooter buy guns are encouraging, but they only scratch the surface of the problem.
  15. Politics Group-Chat: What We Talk About When We Talk About Gun ControlThree New York writers try to make sense of the gun-control debate.
  16. Senator’s Strategy to Combat Gun Violence: ‘Get Small’It’s just common sense.
  17. Gun Control Is More Like Abortion Than Gay MarriageMillennials don’t necessarily have a more liberal view of it than older generations.
  18. Massacre Comes Amid Soaring Gun-Violence Rates in Las VegasA mass killing is new for the city, but gun carnage is not.
  19. Trump Blames Undocumented Immigrants for Gang Violence in ChicagoApparently, we don’t need to fight poverty or restrict gun sales to reduce urban homicides — we just need to cut funding to sanctuary cities!
  20. House GOP Blocks Measure to Prevent Mentally Ill People From Getting FirearmsThe Obama regulation would have required the Social Security Administration to give names of people with severe mental illness to the FBI.
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    Can a Gun Victim and a Gun Advocate Change Each Other’s Minds?What happens when 16 strangers on both sides of America’s most contentious divide are asked to take on someone else’s story? An experiment in empathy.
  22. Chicago on Pace to Have the Highest Murder Rate in Nearly 20 YearsThe city hit its 700th murder this week.
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    A Secretive Billionaire’s Dreams of Creating America’s Foremost Guns EmpireThere had been Big Pharma, and Big Oil, but never Big Gun. Stephen Feinberg’s Cerberus Capital set out to create it.
  24. 17 People Were Shot Dead in Chicago Last WeekendIt was the deadliest weekend of the most violent year the city has seen in decades.
  25. One Dead, Two Injured in West Texas School ShootingThe shooter shot another student and then herself.
  26. Woman Reportedly Killed at J’Ouvert After Asking Man to Stop Grinding on HerThe NYPD has arrested one person as officials say the annual festival won’t be cancelled.
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    Brothers Charged in Shooting of Innocent Bystander, NBA Star’s CousinThe brothers were both “documented gang members.”
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    Trump Uses the Death of Chicago Mother to Celebrate HimselfTrump has never met a tragedy that didn’t prove him right somehow, but this may be a new low, even for him.
  29. Democrats Are Staging a Sit-in on the House Floor Over Gun ControlLed by Democratic representative John Lewis of Georgia.
  30. The Murder Rate in Chicago Is Up 84 Percent This YearThe number of shootings has nearly doubled. 
  31. The 2016 Gun-Violence Statistics Out of Chicago Are HorrificThree times as many people were shot as this time last year. 
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    Person Arrested After Shooting Threat in ChicagoThe suspect allegedly mentioned Laquan McDonald in the online threat.
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    Gun Store Ordered to Pay Nearly $6 Million to Wounded Officers “Will it change the way things are done around the country? Time will tell.”
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    As Obama Heads to Oregon, Two Campus Shootings Happen in Two Different StatesMany protesters are waiting to greet the president.
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    11-Year-Old Boy Shoots 8-Year-Old Girl Dead Over PuppyHe’d been bullying her for a while, her mother reports.
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    How Australia and Britain Tackled Gun ViolencePresident Obama cited the two nations in his call for stricter gun laws — but would the same strategies work here?
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    Weekend Shootings Leave 7 Dead, 4 Injured in New York City“The madness has to stop and has to stop in Washington,” said Governor Cuomo.
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    Houston Deputy Sheriff ‘Assassinated’ While Pumping GasA suspect has now been charged, and though a motive is not yet clear, one police official is linking the murder to the Black Lives Matter movement.
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    Amy and Chuck Schumer Want the U.S. to Do Something About Gun Violence The cousins are teaming up. 
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    Shootings in New York This Weekend Left 2 Dead and 19 WoundedShootings are up 12 percent from last year.
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    Chicago’s Bloody Weekend Starts a Nervous SummerForty-five shot, seven killed.
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    More Cops, More Cameras After Weekend’s ViolenceNYPD steps up patrols and surveillance.
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    Crown Heights Teen Shooting Victim Drags His Friend to SafetyHeroism under fire in Brooklyn.
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    Man Shoots Himself at NRA-Sponsored NASCAR RaceIronic, but not funny.
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    New Mexico Teen Arrested for Shooting Family, Said He Planned to Kill MoreAccording to sources, he was headed for Walmart.
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    Fifteen-Year-Old Boy Charged With Fatally Shooting Five People in New MexicoIt’s believed that the victims were the boy’s family members.
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    Aurora Victims Push for Questions on Gun Control During Presidential Debate“When you watch the presidential debates, ask yourself who has a plan to stop gun violence.”
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    Queens Teacher Uses Robbers and Guns to Instruct Spelling R-O-B-B-E-R.