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  1. panic-demics
    Santas and Neckties Will Give You the FluIndirectly, of course.
  2. panic-demics
    Swine Flu: The Violence BeginsThe tension on the subway turns violent.
  3. panic-demics
    Sasha and Malia Have Indeed Gotten Their H1N1 ShotsWhew!
  4. panic-demics
    Eek! Sasha and Malia Aren’t Vaccinated for H1N1Let the controversy begin.
  5. h1n1
    Obama Declares H1N1 National EmergencyIn a statement this afternoon, President Obama declared the H1N1 flu “pandemic” a national emergency.
  6. panic-demics
    Health Workers Free to Contract Swine Flu If They PleaseA civil rights victory.
  7. panic-demics
    Congressman Hit By H1N1Announces on Twitter, naturally.
  8. panic-demics
    Health Care Workers Prefer Just One Flu Vaccine, ThanksGetting the H1N1 vaccine doesn’t advance any “social interest,” apparently – except for the obvious not-getting-everyone-sick interest.
  9. panic-demics
    Now Beer Pong Will Give You Swine FluIs nothing sacred?
  10. panic-demics
    What to Expect When You’re Expecting Swine FluYou will ask yourself questions like, “If I knew I would have this sore throat for the rest of my life, would I choose to go on living?” And the answer will be, “No.”
  11. panic-demics
    How to Save Yourself From Swine FluIt’s coming.
  12. scary things
    Swine Flu ‘Possibilities’ Get Scarier and ScarierStart working from home. Now.
  13. panic-demics
    We’re Officially Nervous About Swine Flu AgainThe “underlying conditions” we keep hearing about are really not that unusual.