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Hachette Filipacchi

  1. media deathwatch
    Hachette Shutters Metropolitan HomeThe magazine joins the other shelter titles felled by the recession.
  2. media deathwatch
    Mortgage Originator Magazine ClosesThe ‘Observer’ wasn’t the only place that had layoffs today.
  3. media deathwatch
    Literary Giant Betsy Perry Would Rather Burn Out Than Fade AwayDaily Intel’s favorite HuffPo columnist is forced to resign, and the Boston ‘Globe’ finally makes a deal, in today’s media roundup.
  4. media deathwatch
    NPR, Hachette Cut BackToday in media metamorphoses: The caterpillar becomes … a caterpillar with fewer legs.
  5. media deathwatch
    On the Bright Side, a Magazine Devoted to Pole-Dancing Launched TodayBut it’s online-only. Meanwhile, the ax came down at some traditional media companies.
  6. media deathwatch
    Hachette Can No Longer Afford to Keep Boating AfloatSo they’re shipping it off before it sinks. (Sorry.) And more, in today’s media news.
  7. media deathwatch
    Condé Nast Publishers Asked to Spend Less on ‘Events, Travel and Other Areas’Oh, no! Other areas!
  8. media deathwatch
    Arena Magazine Is Today’s Only Media DeathBut the belt-tightening, as always, continues.
  9. media deathwatch
    The Media Says Au Revoir to All ThatHarperCollins is laying off staffers, the Toronto ‘Metro’ is written by interns, and approximately 41,000 media jobs have been slashed since the start of the recession. But things are looking up in France!
  10. company town
    AIG’s Mess Continues, Right in the Middle of Spring CleaningPlus, lawsuits over poop, Andrew Cuomo busting lawyers, and ‘USA Today’ so wrong, wrong, wrong.